Asian International Arbitration Journal

Volume 15 (2019)

Volume 15 (2019) / Issue 2

Weiyi Tan, 'Allowing the exclusion of set-aside proceedings: an innovative means of enhancing singapore’s position as an arbitration hub' (2019) 15 Asian International Arbitration Journal, Issue 2, pp. 87–118


In some jurisdictions, parties who choose arbitration as a means of resolving their disputes can contractually waive the set-aside mechanism, thereby limiting the extent of judicial review that will be available after the award is issued. In recent years, parties and institutions have also shown an increasing interest in such contractual waivers because it is thought that reducing post-award challenges will increase the efficiency and finality of arbitration. However, the validity of contractual exclusions of set-aside proceedings remains a controversial issue. While some jurisdictions uphold the validity of such clauses, others have held that set-aside proceedings cannot be waived in advance, citing fundamental policy reasons. This paper analyses the reasons for each regime and explores whether laws that allow contractual exclusions of set-aside proceedings would be beneficial in the context of Singapore, particularly in enhancing its position as a choice seat for arbitration.

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