Volume 36 (2011)

Volume 36 (2011) / Issue 6

Ruwantissa Abeyratne, 'Ensuring Global Runway Safety: A Look at the Future' (2011) 36 Air and Space Law, Issue 6, pp. 427–440


From 24 to 26 May 2011, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) hosted a Symposium on Global Runway Safety. The objectives of the Symposium were to highlight the evolution towards a more integrated safety management approach in ICAO's runway safety programme, coordinate a global effort for improving runway safety by identifying what a State can do to improve runway safety outcomes, identify a common framework for the enhancement of runway safety, promote and gain commitment from partners to deliver regional runway safety workshops across the globe, and identify content and format for subsequent runway safety workshops.

The Symposium was held against the backdrop of ICAO Assembly Resolution A37-15 (Consolidated statement of continuing ICAO policies and associated practices related specifically to air navigation), which was adopted at the 37th Session of the Assembly held in Montreal from 28 September to 8 October 2010.  Appendix P to the Resolution calls upon ICAO to keep under review the technical requirements for aerodromes and requests States to ensure that safety management systems are introduced at their aerodromes. States are also called upon to place greater emphasis on the management of aerodrome operations, with runway safety given a high priority.

This article posits the basic fact that issues of runway safety require the standardization and harmonization of rules, which cannot all be ensured through regulation. It examines what has already been accomplished through ICAO and discusses certain proactive measures for runway safety in the future, using the outcome of the ICAO symposium as a backdrop to the discussions.

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