European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 24 (2019)

Volume 24 (2019) / Issue 2/1

Simon Schunz, Riccardo Trobbiani, 'Diversity without Unity: The European Union’s Cultural Diplomacy vis-à-vis the United States' (2019) 24 European Foreign Affairs Review, Issue 2/1, pp. 43–62


This article examines how, to what extent and why the European Union (EU) engages in cultural diplomacy (CD) vis-à-vis the United States (US). While providing an empirical review of and conceptual reflection on the current state of the EU’s (including key Member States’ (MS’)) CD efforts vis-à-vis the US, it also strives to explain the forms of this activity. It finds that a complex, multi-level, multi-actor, multifaceted and multipurpose EU CD in the US currently exists, which displays ‘diversity without unity’ and faces several incoherencies. This finding can be explained primarily by a latent competition for attention between EU MS. The article concludes by reflecting on how a more coherent EU CD could be achieved, thereby helping to reinvigorate EU-US relations.

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