European Review of Private Law

Volume 19 (2011)

Volume 19 (2011) / Issue 5

Larry A. Dimatteo, 'Cosmopolitanism and the Private Law Text' (2011) 19 European Review of Private Law, Issue 5, pp. 669–686


Abstract: This essay reviews seven recently published private law texts based upon quantitative and qualitative parameters. The seven books represent four different types of texts: authored, edited, specialized, and practitioner-focused. The essay recognizes the reasons that comparative materials should be a necessary element of any private law text. The beginning parts explain the many reasons why this is so, including the rise of regional law, the economic impact of globalization, advances in the internationalization of private law, internationalization of law practice, and the internationalization of legal education. It argues that the 'paradigm of teaching private law parochially focused on teaching home country law and leaving regional, international, and comparative laws to specialized course work has become outdated.' It concludes that the best private law texts are cosmopolitan in nature that is, they incorporate comparative, regional, and international law sources.

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