European Review of Private Law

Volume 27 (2019)

Volume 27 (2019) / Issue 2

Tara Van Ho, Carolijn Terwindt, 'Assessing the Duty of Care for Social Auditors' (2019) 27 European Review of Private Law, Issue 2, pp. 379–401


This article analyses the appropriate duty of care under English tort law for social auditors towards third parties at risk of suffering damages from their negligence. After explaining the work of social auditors, the article considers whether the duty of care established for financial auditors is an appropriate one for social auditors. It concludes that a robust duty of care does exist for social auditors to guard against negligent audits that could harm workers at audited facilities. Due to differences between the financial and social audit, it further argues the duty of care for social auditors should be both broader than that required of the financial audit industry and non-delegable.

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