Volume 16 (2010)

Volume 16 (2010) / Issue 3

Kerstin Buchinger, Astrid Steinkellner, 'Litigation before the European Court of Human Rights and Domestic Implementation: Does the European Convention Promote the Rights of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers?' (2010) 16 European Public Law, Issue 3, pp. 419–435


The purpose of this article is to compare the evolution and current state of European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) jurisprudence in issues of immigration and asylum. Looking at the variable patterns of litigation and implementation across Europe, the article examines the common challenges to all States in dealing with complex questions of state sovereignty, the regulation of the entry and stay of immigrants and asylum seekers and the human rights of non-nationals. Following a description of the Council of Europe (CoE) framework in dealing with immigration and asylum issues, the article goes on to examine noteworthy case law from the Strasbourg Court, followed by a detailed account of the variable patterns and causes of litigation in different European Union Member States and the different patterns of implementation of ECtHR decisions. The article concludes with a consideration of the impact of European human rights law on the protection of the rights of individuals with an immigration or asylum background.

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