Volume 17 (2011)

Volume 17 (2011) / Issue 2

Andreas Pottakis, 'GREECE – In Search of a Modern Deus ex Machina: Towards an Orderly Bankruptcy of European Legal Orders' (2011) 17 European Public Law, Issue 2, pp. 181–196


'O my father, here am I to do thy bidding; freely I offer this body of mine for my country and all Hellas, that ye may lead me to the altar of the goddess and sacrifice me, since this is Heaven's ordinance. Good luck be yours for any help that I afford! and may ye obtain the victor's gift and come again to the land of your fathers. So then let none of the Argives lay hands on me, for I will bravely yield my neck without a word.'

Iphigenia, in Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis

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