Volume 18 (2012)

Volume 18 (2012) / Issue 1

Fabio Giglioni, 'The ‘Guiding Hand’ Model as a Technique of Regulation' (2012) 18 European Public Law, Issue 1, pp. 99–125


This paper aims to identify the policies on which collaborative relationships between public and private bodies are founded, starting with new initiatives from the United Kingdom and extending to the European Union (EU) framework. More specifically, this paper is interested in ascertaining if relationships other than the ones based on free market, competition and competitive tenders are effectively supported even outside the traditional welfare sectors. Exploring these aspects in legal systems favouring a liberal approach, such as the United Kingdom and the EU, and in varying fields, both industrial and social, allows us to draw some general conclusions on the range of the techniques of regulation. The argument is that given the liberal legal systems' techniques of regulation based on cooperation, it is remarkable to highlight it in order to understand better the complex framework of the emerging relationships between public and private bodies. The variety of fields where the cooperative models can be found strengthens the conclusion on the validity of the argument that this paper intends to advocate.

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