Volume 18 (2012)

Volume 18 (2012) / Issue 3

Cosmo Graham, 'English Rapport: The Coalition and the Constitution' (2012) 18 European Public Law, Issue 3, pp. 423–436


This articles discusses a number of constitutional issues arising out of the Coalition's Programme for government in the UK. It examines the issue of elections to the House of Commons and a fixed-term Parliament, which leads to a second issue, namely, reform of the House of Lords, Parliament's secondchamber. It then looks at the relationship between the UK and Europe, in the shape of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights. A final section looks at changes in relation to devolution, both planned and speculative. A major theme is that the recent constitutionalchanges in the UK, both those in the past and those that are currently being considered, are not part of an over-arching programme of constitutional reform based on some set of coherent principles. Understandable though this is in the context of a Coalition government, it remains a major problem.

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