Global Trade and Customs Journal

Volume 12 (2017)

Volume 12 (2017) / Issue 5

Dennis Ndonga, 'Addressing the Challenges Facing the Use of E-Signatures Within the ASEAN Single Window' (2017) 12 Global Trade and Customs Journal, Issue 5, pp. 184–189


On December 2005, the ASEAN member states passed the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) Agreement which paved the way for the implementation of a regional single window system that would integrate the members’ National Single Window (NSW) systems. This regional system is expected to facilitate trade within the ASEAN Economic Community. However, the successful operation of these systems largely depends the presence of a legal framework that would support the cross-jurisdictional recognition of members’ electronically authenticated documents that are exchanged between the NSWs and ASW. This article explores the role of e-signatures in single window operation, and assesses the challenges facing the cross-jurisdictional recognition of e-signatures under the ASW.

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