International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 32 (2016)

Volume 32 (2016) / Issue 3

Émilie Genin, 'Proposal for a Theoretical Framework for the Analysis of Time Porosity' (2016) 32 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, Issue 3, pp. 280–300


This article develops the concept of time porosity with the aim of better defining and theorizing the interference between work and personal time. The notion of working time is discussed from its origins to its current meaning, as are the issues raised by the transformation of work in the twenty-first century, looking specifically at the increasing interference between work time and personal time. Starting from the European standard defining working time, the concept of porosity between personal time and working time is conceptualized. Several forms of time porosity are examined, including situations where the current measurement of working time is insufficient when it comes to limiting, controlling and paying for the work that is performed. Finally, the challenges posed by the porosity of time are discussed.

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