Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 27 (2010)

Volume 27 (2010) / Issue 6

Sarosh Zaiwalla, 'LCIA India: Will It Change the International Arbitration Scene in India?' (2010) 27 Journal of International Arbitration, Issue 6, pp. 657–665


Recently, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) established LCIA India. Although LCIA India bears the name of its parent body in London, one hopes it is intended to be an Indian institution, of course with the support of LCIA London. This is a welcome development for the international business community in general and India in particular, as it is hoped that LCIA India will maintain a very high international standard in its awards. This in turn will encourage the Indian courts to have confidence in the awards published under the aegis of this institution. In order to consider whether the LCIA Rules will able to achieve this noble objective it is necessary to consider the background of international arbitration in India and the role of the Indian judiciary in relation to it.

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