Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 30 (2013)

Volume 30 (2013) / Issue 5

Nassib G. Ziadé, 'The ‘Arab Spring’ and Arab Approaches to International Arbitration' (2013) 30 Journal of International Arbitration, Issue 5, pp. 591–595


Arab countries have taken a number of steps over the years to strengthen the role that arbitration can play in their international commercial and investment relations. These include the adoption of liberal laws on arbitration, accession to international conventions on arbitration and the establishment of regional arbitration centres. Both the arbitration centres and the liberal arbitration laws are likely to be durable despite the changes of regime. Problems could be expected, however, if new governments begin to lose sensitive cases submitted to Western arbitral institutions, including the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Certain measures, if taken by ICSID, could nevertheless bolster confidence in the Arab world.

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