Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 34 (2017)

Volume 34 (2017) / Issue 2

Toms Krūmiņš, 'Arbitration in Latvia: A Cautionary Tale?' (2017) 34 Journal of International Arbitration, Issue 2, pp. 303–331


This article endeavours to explore the thorny development of arbitration in Latvia. Having started off on the wrong foot in the 1990s, the arbitration environment in Latvia is still far from being perfect. Contrary to its neighbouring Baltic states, Latvia has continuously ignored the possibility of adopting the UNCITRAL Model Law and currently deals with the adverse consequences of an ill-functioning arbitration system, rather than provides for appealing and efficient arbitration environment. All the more, by introducing disproportionately strict qualification requirements for arbitrators and still not providing a mechanism for challenging arbitral awards, the recently adopted 2015 Law on Arbitration is a severe disregard of fundamental international arbitration principles and standards.

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