Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem

Volume 7 (2010)

Volume 7 (2010) / Issue 27

Daniel de Andrade Lévy, 'Aspectos Polêmicos da Arbitragem no Mercado de Capitais' (2010) 7 Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, Issue 27, pp. 7–37


ABSTRACT: The paper analyses the main outlines of the arbitral procedure under the capital market context, through the confrontation between the credibility and reliability requirements of any securities exchange and the specificities of arbitration. The progressive development of mandatory arbitral institutions linked to the main securities market, the subjective and objective extension of a statutory arbitral clause, and the clash between the institutional full disclosure principle of the capital market and the private duty of confidentiality in arbitration, are the main issues to be studied from a comparative perspective of arbitral institutions in Brazil, Europe and the USA. This may allow drawing an intersection where the protective principle of the securities exchange activity and the benefits of arbitration could coexist for an efficient dispute resolution instrument.

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