Volume 46 (2018) / Issue 4

Eric C. C. M. Kemmeren, 'A Global Framework for Capital Gains Taxes' (2018) 46 Intertax, Issue 4, pp. 268–277


Globally, tax systems are continuously discussed. That is more than a good thing! Taxes are in the midst of society and should, therefore, also be discussed in and by societies. Tax research can contribute to these discussions.

 In a number of countries, such as New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United States, it is debated in society whether capital gains should be included in the income tax base and, if so, how this should be done. In this context, the author will discuss whether, as a matter of principle, taxation of capital gains should be part of a comprehensive tax system that taxes a comprehensive concept of real net income and, if so, what are the key issues in the design of capital gains tax regimes. Attention will be paid not only to general aspects, but also to some international aspects of capital gains taxes. This article will ultimately present a global framework for capital gains taxes based on the developed benchmark. In the author’s view, this framework should be taken into account globally when designing a capital gains tax regime. It will contribute to creating a level playing field and to enhancing horizontal and vertical equality and equity.

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