Volume 46 (2018) / Issue 8/9

Eleonor Kristoffersson, 'Case law note: EU VAT: Adjustment of Input VAT Case C-532/16 SEB bankas' (2018) 46 Intertax, Issue 8/9, pp. 728–731


The initial deduction of input VAT shall be adjusted where it is higher or lower than that to which the taxable person was entitled. In SEB bankas, the CJEU stated that the obligation to adjust undue VAT deductions set down in Article 184 of the VAT Directive also applies to cases where the initial deduction could not be made lawfully because the transaction giving rise to that deduction was exempt from VAT. In contrast, the adjustment system for capital goods does not apply to undue VAT. It is up to the Member States to determine the date on which the obligation to adjust the undue VAT deduction arises and the time period within which that adjustment must be made, in accordance with the EU law principles, in particular the principles of legal certainty and legitimate expectations.

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