Volume 31 (1997)

Volume 31 (1997) / Issue 1

Edwin Vermulst, Norio Komuro, 'Anti-Dumping Disputes in the GATT/WTO – Navigating Dire Straits' (1997) 31 Journal of World Trade, Issue 1, pp. 5–43


“Over the last fifteen years, many countries have come to recognize the crucial vole that dispute settlement plays for any treaty system. This is particularly the case for a treaty system designed to address the myriad of economic questions of international relations today and to facilitate the cooperation among nations that is essential to the peaceful and welfare-enhancing vole of these relations. Dispute settlement procedures assist in making rules effective, thereby adding an essential measure of predictability and effectiveness for the operation of a rule-oriented system in the otherwise relatively weak realm of international norms.”

J.H. Jackson and S. Croley

“. . . dispute settlement in the area of anti-dumping will be one of the major challenges facing the WTO system. . . In view of the factual and legal complexity of the issues typically raised in disputes in the area of anti-dumping, effective implementation of this more judicial dispute settlement process will not be an easy task.”

Mark Koulen

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