Volume 31 (1997)

Volume 31 (1997) / Issue 5

Michael Hart, 'The WTO and the Political Economy of Globalization' (1997) 31 Journal of World Trade, Issue 5, pp. 75–93


“Today we have the opportunity to complete the construction of a universal trading system, bringing together industrial, developing and transition economies within the same agreed and enforceable international rules and disciplines. Seizing this opportunity will be a vital contribution not only to increasing global prosperity, but also to enhancing stability and peace.”

WTO, International Trade Trends and Statistics, 1995

“By signing the Uruguay Round of GATT, governments have further accelerated global economic growth and development by removing all constraints on trade, regardless of social, ecological, and moral implications. Instead of accepting the incontrovertible empirical evidence that economic globalization can only increase the problems we face today, governments, under pressure from the TNCs, insist in pursuing it still further.”

Edward Goldsmith, The Case Against the Global Economy, 1995

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