Volume 50 (2016)

Volume 50 (2016) / Issue 3

Guy Harpaz, Gadi Heimann, 'Sixty Years of EU-Israeli Trade Relations: The Expectations-Delivery Gap' (2016) 50 Journal of World Trade, Issue 3, pp. 447–474


This article identifies a common thread throughout the sixty years of European-Israeli relations, namely a gap that has prevailed between the lofty rhetoric of the EU regarding envisaged special trade relations and its much more modest willingness/ability to establish such relations. At various junctures of these relations (three of which are analysed in this article), turgid European promises were not fully realized. Consequently, a wide gap has been created between rhetoric and concrete actions and between the de jure and de facto economic and trade value of the legal regimes governing EU-Israel bilateral relations. The article reveals that gap and offers a typology and analysis of various factors which contributed to the creation and widening of the Expectations-Delivery Gap.

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