Volume 27 (2004)

Volume 27 (2004) / Issue 3

Joel Davidow, 'Recent US Antitrust Developments of International Relevance' (2004) 27 World Competition, Issue 3, pp. 407–417


<p>During the last two years, the Antitrust policy of the United States has been one that could be dubbed ``vigorous conservatism’’. The vigour has been evidenced by an increase in anti-cartel activity and punishments, by strict review of a substantial percentage of major horizontal mergers, and by the development of some new cases against abuses of patent rights. There has also been evidence of international vigour, such as in the rapid development of the International Competition Network and in day to day coordination in anti-cartel criminal matters.</p><p>Conservatism has been evident in efforts to delimit the territorial scope of the treble damage remedy and the possibility of forced dealing by a dominant firm controlling an alleged

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