Volume 45 (2020)

Volume 45 (2020) / Issue 1

Máté Gergely, 'Fair Competition in International Air Transport' (2020) 45 Air and Space Law, Issue 1, pp. 1–28

air transport, economic regulation, fair competition, fair and equal opportunity, state subsidy, level playing field, flag of convenience, discrimination, core principles, ICAO


This article explains the importance of fair competition in international air transport; presents recent debates and concerns; approaches at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), regional, bilateral and national levels as well as academic research; and proposes a way forward with a view to achieving a global understanding of the concept and underscore the need for the development of ‘core principles on fair competition’. The core principles, if developed, would facilitate the further liberalization of air transport and maximize the benefits it brings to economic and social development.

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