Volume 46 (2012)

Volume 46 (2012) / Issue 3

Nicolas Péridy, Nathalie Roux, 'Why are the Trade Gains from the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership so Small?' (2012) 46 Journal of World Trade, Issue 3, pp. 571–595


This article shows first that, despite significant trade gains expected from the Euro-Mediterranean Agreements, especially the Barcelona Agreement, actual gains are positive but small. The reasons for such small effects are investigated. They include delays in the implementation of the tariff schedule, the lack of European Union (EU) market access for agricultural products, the persistence of non-tariff barriers, the lack of regional integration in terms of services and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the role of rules of origins, the impact of inappropriate specialization, etc. This appraisal makes it possible to suggest several policy options which are necessary to optimize the effects of the Euromed partnership. In this regard, the Arab Spring creates new opportunities to reinforce trade integration in this area.

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