Volume 49 (2015)

Volume 49 (2015) / Issue 6

Weihuan Zhou, 'Australia’s Anti-dumping and Countervailing Law and Practice: An Analysis of Current Issues Incompatible with Free Trade with China' (2015) 49 Journal of World Trade, Issue 6, pp. 975–1010


This article identifies and analyses five major issues relating to current antidumping and countervailing laws and practice in Australia. Given the recent conclusion of a free trade agreement between Australia and China, the article proposes to focus on Australia’s antidumping and countervailing investigations against China. The article discusses whether the Australian laws and practice are consistent with the relevant WTO rules and how they may impact on the promotion of trade liberalization between Australia and China. The article concludes that all of these issues may create trade barriers to Chinese exports to Australia and hence must be dealt with to protect the enhancement of market access of Chinese exports to Australia under the Australia – China free trade initiatives.  

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