European Review of Private Law

Issue 6

'Towards an Optional Common European Sales Law', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 6, pp. 709–715
'Comments and Questions Relating to the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on a Common European Sales Law', Ole Lando, Issue 6, pp. 717–728
'The Regulation of Digital Content Contracts in the Optional Instrument of Contract Law', Lucie Guibault, Natali Helberger, Marco Loos, Chantal Mak, Issue 6, pp. 729–758
'The ‘Non-sense’ of Pre-contractual Information Duties in Case of Non-concluded Contracts', Chiara Cravetto, Barbara Pasa, Issue 6, pp. 759–785
'B2B Information Duties in the Feasibility Study: Analysis of Article 23', Annick De Boeck, Issue 6, pp. 787–797
'Disgorgement Damages for Breach of Pre-contractual Obligation and Contract', Erik Monsen, Issue 6, pp. 799–815
'The Feasibility Study’s Rules on Contract Interpretation', Robert Hardy, Issue 6, pp. 817–833
'Unfaire Vertragsbestimmungen', Thomas Pfeiffer, Issue 6, pp. 835–853
'‘Don’t Find Fault, Find a Remedy’', Tâm Dang Vu, Sanne Jansen, Ilse Samoy, Issue 6, pp. 855–872
'The Optional Common European Sales Law: Better Buyer’s Remedies for Seller’s Non-performance in Sales of Goods?', Régine Feltkamp, Frédéric Vanbossele, Issue 6, pp. 873–905
'The Seller’s Right to Cure in the CISG and the Common European Sales Law', Sonja Kruisinga, Issue 6, pp. 907–919
'Passing of Risk and the Risk of Mystification: Some Drafting Issues', Kare Lilleholt, Issue 6, pp. 921–929
'Why It Is Ill-Advised to Translate Consequential Damage by Dommage Indirect', Jacques Herbots, Issue 6, pp. 931–949
'Why the Proposed Optional Common European Sales Law Has Not, But Should Have, Abandoned the Principle of All or Nothing: A Guide to How to Sanction the Duty to Mitigate the Loss', Anne Keirse, Issue 6, pp. 951–976
'The Rules about Restitution in the Proposal on a Common European Sales Law', Pietro Sirena, Issue 6, pp. 977–1000
'Conflicts among Creditors in the Regulation of Security Interests under the Draft Common Frame of Reference a View from Spanish Law', Ángel Carrasco Perera, Karolina Lyczkowska, Issue 6, pp. 1001–1021
'Reiner Schulze & Jules Stuyck (Hrsg.), Towards a European Contract Law (München: Sellier, 2011), 279 Seiten', Winfried Tilmann, Issue 6, pp. 1023–1025
'Book Review: The Making of Chinese Condominium Law: A Comparative Perspective with American and South African Condominium Laws, by Lei Chen. (Intersentia, 2010)', Rebecka Zinser, Issue 6, pp. 1027–1028
'Conference Report: ‘Towards a European Contract Law’ in Leuven, Belgium, 3 June 2011', Chiara Cravetto, Issue 6, pp. 1029–1031
'Presentation of the Book, Towards an Optional European Contract Law, Brussels, 21 September 2001', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 6, pp. 1033–1034
'Conference Report: Annual Conference on European Tort Law', Marlene Steininger, Vanessa Wilcox, Issue 6, pp. 1035–1040
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 1041–1043

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