Asian International Arbitration Journal

Volume 1 (2005)

'General Editors’ Note', Michael Pryles, Chan Philip, Issue 1, pp. 1–1
'Investment Treaty Arbitration and Asia: Survey and Comment', John Savage, Issue 1, pp. 3–48
'Disclosure of Documents in Singapore International Arbitration: Time For A Reassessment', Chuan Thye Tan, John Choong, Issue 1, pp. 49–68
'Searching For Standards: Suspension Of Enforcement Proceedings Under Article VI Of The New York Convention', Rena Rico, Issue 1, pp. 69–82
'Arbitration in China', Eu Jin Chua, Issue 1, pp. 83–94
'Hong Kong Case Report: Applying Article 8(1) of the UNCITRAL Model Law - New Sound Industries Ltd v Meliga Ltd', Craig Shepherd, Emma Gooding, Issue 1, pp. 95–101
'Arbitration in the Philippines and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004 by Eduardo P Lizares', Cecil Abraham, Issue 1, pp. 102–104

'The Arbitration Law of India: A Critical Analysis', Sumeet Kachwaha, Issue 2, pp. 105–126
'A Brief Review of the Japanese Arbitration Law', Dominic Roughton, Issue 2, pp. 127–140
'Set-Off In International Arbitration - What Can The Asian Region Learn?', Christopher Kee, Issue 2, pp. 141–160
'Some Contractual Approaches to the Problem of Multi-Party, Multi-Contract Arbitration Proceedings', Chandra Mohan, Wee Teck Lim, Issue 2, pp. 161–168
'Confidentiality of Arbitral Awards and the Advantages for Arbitral Institutions to Maintain a Repository of Awards', Colin Ong, Issue 2, pp. 169–180
'Arbitration Law of Japan by Masaaki Kondo, Takeshi Goto, Kotatsu Uchibori, Hiroshi Maeda, Tomomi Kataoka', Michael Hwang, Issue 2, pp. 181–182

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