BCDR International Arbitration Review

Volume 2 (2015)

'Bon courage, TRIBUNALS!', Lucy Reed, Shaparak Saleh, Issue 1, pp. 1–14
'International Arbitration and Its Users: Ships Passing in the Night? A Dialogue with Michael McIlwrath', Sophie Nappert, Issue 1, pp. 15–29
'Living in Glass Houses? The Debate on Transparency in International Investment Arbitration', Loretta Malintoppi, Natalie Limbasan, Issue 1, pp. 31–57
'Transparency in Investor-State Arbitration: An Incremental Approach', Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Rukia Baruti, Issue 1, pp. 59–76
'A Case for Dispositive Motions in International Commercial Arbitration', Caline Mouawad, Elizabeth Silbert, Issue 1, pp. 77–97
'Conflicts of Law and International Commercial Arbitration – Can Conflict Be Avoided?', Sapna Jhangiani, Issue 1, pp. 99–116
'The 1958 New York Convention Article II: Fit for Modern International Trade?', Marike Paulsson, Issue 1, pp. 117–134
'The Direct Examination of Witnesses and Experts Not Called for Cross-Examination: Balancing Efficiency and Fairness', Andrea J. Menaker, Noor L. Davies, Issue 1, pp. 135–152
'The English Courts’ Approach to Review of Awards by Way of Challenge and Enforcement', Hilary Heilbron QC, Issue 1, pp. 153–170
'Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration: Is it Time for Some Soft Rules?', Marie Stoyanov, Olga Owczarek, Issue 1, pp. 171–199

'Note from the General Editor', Nassib G. Ziadé, Issue 2, pp. 201–201
'The Public Policy Defence to Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Rising Star or Setting Sun?', Funke Adekoya San, Issue 2, pp. 203–221
'From Perpetual Respondent to Aspiring Counterclaimant? State Counterclaims in the New Wave of Investment Treaties', Ina C. Popova, Fiona Poon, Issue 2, pp. 223–260
'Proportionality in Investment Treaty Arbitration and Beyond: An “Irresistible Attraction”?', Carmen Martinez Lopez, Lucy Martinez, Issue 2, pp. 261–287
'Contribution to the Host State Development: A Marginalised Criterion?', Dalia Hussein, Issue 2, pp. 289–304
'Towards Greater Gender and Ethnic Diversity in International Arbitration', Samaa A. F. Haridi, Issue 2, pp. 305–316
'Mediation: A New International Playing Field', Bronwyn Lincoln, Issue 2, pp. 317–328
'Striking the Right Balance: The Roles of Arbitral Institutions, Parties and Tribunals in Achieving Efficiency in International Arbitration', Anne Véronique Schläpfer, Marily Paralika, Issue 2, pp. 329–341
'The IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration: A Plea for Caution', Domitille Baizeau, Issue 2, pp. 343–356
'An Arbitrator’s Duties: Due Process and Trust in Investor-State Arbitration', Carolyn B. Lamm, Eckhard R. Hellbeck, David P. Riesenberg, Issue 2, pp. 357–371
'Enforcement of ICSID Awards in the United States', Nicole Duclos, Erin Thomas, Issue 2, pp. 373–388
'The Arbitration Clause and State Immunity Under French Law', Ana Atallah, Issue 2, pp. 389–408

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