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'Book Reviews', Issue 1, pp. 171–174
'Survey of Literature', Issue 1, pp. 175–192
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'Book Reviews', Issue 3, pp. 651–662

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'Index to Volume 29', Issue 6, pp. III–XIII
'Guest Editorial – Federalism: The wrong debate', T. Koopmans, Issue 6, pp. 1047–1052
'Reflections on the Structure of the European Union', Ulrich Everling, Issue 6, pp. 1053–1077
'The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Maastricht Treaty', A.G. Toth, Issue 6, pp. 1079–1105
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'The EEA Treaty: Main Agreement and Selected Protocols', Issue 6, pp. 1247–1286
'Book Reviews', Issue 6, pp. 1287–1293
'Announcement', Issue 6, pp. 1295–1295

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