European Business Law Review

Volume 10 (1999)

'German International Insolvency Law and its Relation to the EC Convention on Insolvency Proceedings', Axel Flessner, Issue 1/2, pp. 2–7
'Towards a Common European Procedural Law (part 2)', Erik Werlauff, Issue 1/2, pp. 8–12
'Liability of the French State fop Negligent Supervision of Banks', Duncan Fairgrieve, Kristell Belloir, Issue 1/2, pp. 13–23
'The Commission’s Communications on the General Good - Magna Carta or Law-Making?', Nina Tornberg, Issue 1/2, pp. 24–46
'Foreign Direct Investment Liberalisation: Institutional ‘Anarchy’ and the Stability of the International Banking System', Lazaros E Panourgias, Issue 1/2, pp. 47–61
'Chopping off Hydra's Heads: EU Efforts for a Simpler Business Environment', Jan F.W. Dannenbring, Issue 1/2, pp. 62–69
'Control and Transparency in Business (KonTraG): Corporate Governance Reform in Germany', Ulrich Seibert, Issue 1/2, pp. 70–75
'Book Review', Mads Andenas, Issue 1/2, pp. 76–76

'Duties of Company Directors', Lord Hoffman, Issue 3/4, pp. 78–82
'UK Association for European Law', Issue 3/4, pp. 83–84
'Securities and Credit in Economies in Transition (Central and Eastern Europe) the Case of Poland', Frederique Dahan, Gerard McCormack, Issue 3/4, pp. 85–95
'Deposit Insurance: Consumer Protection, Banks Safety and Moral Hazard', Andrew Campbell, Peter Cartwright, Issue 3/4, pp. 96–102
'The Directive on Investor Compensation Schemes', Nicoline M. Wessels-Aas, Issue 3/4, pp. 103–119
'The Secondary Establishment of Companies within the EU: challenge or missed opportunity?', Helen Xanthaki, Issue 3/4, pp. 120–139
'The New Legal Environment of the Euro Zone: a potential minefield ahead', Mare Dassesse, Issue 3/4, pp. 140–142
'Recent and Forthcoming Changes in Business Law in the Netherlands', Bob Wessels, Issue 3/4, pp. 143–148

'Monetary Union and the Internal Marked for Banking and Investment Services', Norbert Horn, Issue 5/6, pp. 150–157
'Liberalisation and Re Regulation of Cross-Border financial Services', JH. Dalhuisen, Issue 5/6, pp. 158–192
'Main Aspects of EU Regulation on Derivatives', Albert Nijenhuis, Issue 5/6, pp. 193–204
'The Legal Aspects of the Euro and the Greek Law of Money', Thanassis Liakopoulos, Issue 5/6, pp. 205–217
'Building a Shield against Corruption in International Business Transactions: More than Good Will?', Philippe Pierros, Marie-Isabelle Pellan, Issue 5/6, pp. 218–233
'Banking Litigation: Minimising the Risk', Christopher Style, Stuart Dutson, Issue 5/6, pp. 234–236
'EU Package of Measures to Tackle Harmful Tax Competition', Fiona Murray, Issue 5/6, pp. 237–242
'The Proposed Electronic Commerce', Louise Krosch, Issue 5/6, pp. 243–249

'Exploring the Outer Limits - Restrictions on the Free Movement of Goods and Services', Jukka Snell, Mads Andenas, Issue 7/8, pp. 252–283
'Liberalisation and Re Regulation of Cross-Border Financial Services Part II', J.H. Dalhuisen, Issue 7/8, pp. 284–305
'Using a Foreign Company for Domestic Activities', Erik Werlauff, Issue 7/8, pp. 306–313
'Civil Liability on the Periphery: Third Country Transactions in Violation of United States Economic Sanctions', Kern Alexander, Issue 7/8, pp. 314–322
'Regulation of Telecommunications in the EU a challenge for the Countries acceding to the European Community', Christian Koenig, Ernst Roder, Issue 7/8, pp. 333–339
'A European Perspective on Small Business and the Law', Josephine Bisacre, Issue 7/8, pp. 340–345
'Standard International Contract Clauses and UK PFI Contracts', Geoff Haley, Issue 7/8, pp. 346–352

ISSUE 9/10
'Liberalisation and Re Regulation of Cross-Border Financial Services Part III', J.H. Dalhuisen, Issue 9/10, pp. 354–370
'The Limitations of the Free Movement of Goods and the Freedom to Provide Services - in Search of a Common Approach', Ole-Andreas Torgersen, Issue 9/10, pp. 371–387
'Procedural Equality in the EU and the EEA', Erik Werlauff, Issue 9/10, pp. 388–395
'Governing The World: The Development of the OECD’s Corporate Governance Principles', Alan Dignam, Michael Galanis, Issue 9/10, pp. 396–407
'Recent Developments in Financial Services Regulation: A Good Example for the European Legislators?', Vasiliki A. Galanopoulou, Issue 9/10, pp. 408–418
'The Duties Company Directors, a Comparative Approach: Spain and the UK', Marta Tomas, Issue 9/10, pp. 419–436
'Some Brief Remarks on Interjurisdictional Competition between EU Member States', Christian Koenig, Issue 9/10, pp. 437–437

ISSUE 11/12
'Parent Liability in German and British Law', Jorg Peter, Issue 11/12, pp. 440–463
'The Advent of the EURO in Germany: The First Hundred Days', Johannes Kondgen, Issue 11/12, pp. 464–471
'Services in the Information Society', Ernst Roeder, Issue 11/12, pp. 472–481
'European Takeover Regulation - The Latest Draft of the 13th Company Law Directive', Blanaid Clarke, Issue 11/12, pp. 482–491
'The Implementation of the European Insider Dealing Directive: A Comparative Analysis of the Insider Concept in Germany and Spain', Carmen Estevan-Quesada, Issue 11/12, pp. 492–507
'Infringement Criteria under the European Trade Mark Directive', Nicola Isaacs, Issue 11/12, pp. 508–516
'Book Review', Emilios Augouleas, Issue 11/12, pp. 517–518
'The New Regulation of OTC Derivatives Markets in Spain', C. Rossell, Issue 11/12, pp. 519–521

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