European Business Law Review

Volume 16 (2005)

'Privacy, Security and Transparency: Challenges for Data Protection Law in a New Europe', Christopher Kuner, Issue 1, pp. 1–8
'The European Conflict-of-Corporate-Laws Revolution: Überseering, Inspire Art and Beyond', Werner F. Ebke, Issue 1, pp. 9–54
'Conflicts of Jurisdiction and Conflicts of Law in Company Law Matters Within the EU ’Market for Corporate Models’: Brussels I and Rome I after Centros', Massimo V. Benedettelli, Issue 1, pp. 55–81
'The Colossus of German Supervisory Codetermination: An Institution in Crisis', Otto Sandrock, Issue 1, pp. 83–97
'The New Legal Provisions Governing Italian Private Companies', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 1, pp. 99–112
'Associations of Lawyers in the European Union', Christopher Toms, Issue 1, pp. 113–149
'The Assessment of Domestic Credit Card Interchange Fees under EC Competition Law', Jan Freigang, Anselm Grün, Issue 1, pp. 151–167
'The Role of EC Competition Law in International Arbitration: A Plaidoyer', Gordon Blanke, Issue 1, pp. 169–181
'The English Courts and ADR: Policy & Practice since April 1999 (Part 2)', Dominic Spenser Underhill, Issue 1, pp. 183–194
'Insurance in Ukraine: An Overview', Arthur Nitsevych, Vyacheslav Lebedev, Andrey Yaroshevsky, Issue 1, pp. 195–202

'The German Corporate Governance Code: Status and Development', Frank Wooldridge, Matthias Pannier, Issue 2, pp. 225–243
'Parallel and Sequential Proceedings in Competition Law: An Essay on the Modes of Interaction between Community and National Law', Renato Nazzini, Issue 2, pp. 245–273
'Tension in Domestic and International Law on Capacity to Enter into Arbitration Agreements: A Survey on Legal Restrictions', Dhisadee Chamlongrasdr, Issue 2, pp. 275–310
'Defining Insolvency: The Evolution of the Concept of ‘Cessation de Paiements’ in French Law', Paul J. Omar, Issue 2, pp. 311–327
'Difficulties with Enforcing Western Standards of Corporate Governance in Asia', Demetra Arsalidou, Margaret Wang, Issue 2, pp. 329–340
'Defensive Measures under the Directive on Takeover Bids and their Effect on the UK and French Takeover Regimes', Ferna Ipekel, Issue 2, pp. 341–351
'The European Company in Scandinavia: Nordea’s Transformation to an SE', Camilla Skøie Mørkve, Issue 2, pp. 353–358
'Accounting for Stock-based Compensation', Sebastian Mock, Issue 2, pp. 359–378
'Is the Regulation of State-Aid a Necessary Component of an Effective Competition Law Framework?', Alexander R. Collins, Issue 2, pp. 379–420
'EU Conduct of Business Rules and the Liberalization Ethos: The Challenging Case of Investment Research', Elisabetta Cervone, Issue 2, pp. 421–456
'Book Review', Paulina Dejmek, Issue 2, pp. 457–458

'It Started with an Act', Mike Cuthbert, Issue 3, pp. 459–465
'A View from the Court', Francis G. Jacobs, Issue 3, pp. 467–469
'Transfers of Undertakings and the Protection of Employment: The UK Courts and the European Court of Justice 1981?2004', , The Rt Hon Lord Justice Mummery, Issue 3, pp. 471–481
'The Growing Competence of the European Community', Derrick Wyatt QC, Issue 3, pp. 483–488
'The Reception of General Principles of Community Law in the United Kingdom', JA Usher, Issue 3, pp. 489–510
'Factortame and After: A Fishy Story', David Vaughan CBE QC, Issue 3, pp. 511–517
'Indirect Taxation', KPE Lasok QC, Issue 3, pp. 519–532
'Harmonisation: How Much, How Little?', Stephen Weatherill, Issue 3, pp. 533–545
'The Citizen’s Right to Free Movement', Robin CA White, Issue 3, pp. 547–558
'Citizenship and Immigration', Richard Plender QC LLD, Issue 3, pp. 559–590
'The ECJ’s Recent Jurisprudence on Anti-Suit Injunctions under the Brussels Convention', Gordon Blanke, Issue 3, pp. 591–620
'No Freedom of Emigration for Companies?', Wolf-Georg Ringe, Issue 3, pp. 621–642
'Consumer Interests under the EC’s Competition Rules on Collusive Practices', Eugene Buttigieg, Issue 3, pp. 643–718

'New Perspectves in the Protection of Consumers: A General Overview and some Criticism on Financial Services', Guido Alpa, Issue 4, pp. 719–735
'Globalization, Economic Growth and the Ethics of Democratic Organization', Francesco Capriglione, Issue 4, pp. 737–755
'Free Movement of Capital and National Company Law', Mads Andenas, Tilmann Gütt, Matthias Pannier, Issue 4, pp. 757–786
'Appeals under the New Regulatory Framework in the Electronic Communications Sector', KPE Lasok, Issue 4, pp. 787–801
'Four Models of Minority Shareholder Protection in Takeovers', Joseph Lee, Issue 4, pp. 803–830
'Piercing the ‘Decision-making Sphere’: Happiness as the Key to ‘Real’ Shareholder Participation', James McConvill, Issue 4, pp. 831–891
'Recent Developments in Greek Capital Markets Law', Phoebus Athanassiou, Issue 4, pp. 893–911
'The Italian Company Law Reform: A New European Model', Enrico Vaccaro, Issue 4, pp. 913–950
'R Nazzini, Concurrent Proceedings in Competition Law — Procedure, Evidence and Remedies', Mads Andenas, Issue 4, pp. 951–952
'Eilis Ferran, Building an EU Securities Market', Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 4, pp. 953–955

'‘Principles of European Tort Law’: A Critical View from the Outside', Guido Alpa, Issue 5, pp. 957–974
'Corporate Governance Disclosures in Europe', Matthias Pannier, Jonathan Rickford, Issue 5, pp. 975–1002
'Corporate Governance Issues in France', Michel Menjucq, Issue 5, pp. 1003–1016
'A Remarkable Decade: The Awakening of Swedish Institutional Investors', Rolf Skog, Issue 5, pp. 1017–1031
'Corporate Governance Reform in Germany: The Second Decade', Ulrich Noack, Dirk Zetzsche, Issue 5, pp. 1033–1064
'Shareholders’ Remedies: In Search of Consistency of Principle in English Law', Arad Reisberg, Issue 5, pp. 1065–1092
'Transfers and Settlement of Securities: The New Order', Erica Johansson, Issue 5, pp. 1093–1115
'The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive – A Milestone in the European Unfair Competition Law?', Christian Handig, Issue 5, pp. 1117–1132
'Judicial Review of Takeover Panel Decisions', Daniel Dürrschmidt, Issue 5, pp. 1133–1151
'Italy’s Implementation of Directive 2002/47/CE on Financial Collateral Arrangements: An Overview', Roberta Marino, Issue 5, pp. 1153–1179
'Anti-Money Laundering Legislation in the Light of the Proposal of the Third EC Directive', Mirella Pellegrini, Issue 5, pp. 1181–1189
'Consumer Interests and the Antitrust Approach to Abusive Practices by Dominant Firms', Eugene Buttigieg, Issue 5, pp. 1191–1285
'Defining a State for the Purposes of Immunity and Liability of a State and its Entities', Dhisadee Chamlongrasdr, Issue 5, pp. 1287–1324

'Opening Address at the Annual General Meeting of the British Institute of International Comparative Law Held on 10 June 2005: Challenges to International and Comparative Law', Mary Arden, Issue 6, pp. 1325–1328
'Public Service Obligations in the Transport Sector: The Demarcation between State Aids and Services of General Interest under EU Law', Christopher H. Bovis, Issue 6, pp. 1329–1347
'Transfer of Seat and Freedom of Establishment in European Company Law', Enrico Vaccaro, Issue 6, pp. 1348–1365
'New European Company Law and Corporate Governance – The UK and the New Member States', Matthias Pannier, Issue 6, pp. 1366–1366
'Corporate Governance and the Shareholders’ Right to Exit (Theoretical Questions and Legislative Answers from Hungary)', András Kisfaludi, Issue 6, pp. 1367–1384
'Some Features of Legal Capital Regulation in Estonia', Andres Vutt, Issue 6, pp. 1385–1392
'The Proposed Tenth Company Law Directive on Cross Border Mergers and its Impact in the UK', Jonathan Rickford, Issue 6, pp. 1393–1414
'Companies’ Capital and Creditor Protection under the Czech Law: Living on the Edge of Shopping Forum', Bohumil Havel, Issue 6, pp. 1415–1423
'The EU Cross Border Merger Directive – A New Dimension for Employee Participation and Company Restructuring', Matthias Pannier, Issue 6, pp. 1424–1442
'Takeovers in Poland – Current Regulations and Towards Implementation of the Takeover Directive', Rafal T. Stroinski, Issue 6, pp. 1443–1473
'Rules on Takeover Bids in Latvia', Theis Klauberg, Issue 6, pp. 1474–1476
'The Challenges with Imposing the OECD Disclosure Requirements in East Asia', Demetra Arsalidou, Margaret Wang, Issue 6, pp. 1477–1499
'Prospectus Liability: Implementing Article 6 of the European Community Directive 2003/71/EC in Italy', Filippo Rossi, Issue 6, pp. 1500–1533
'The UK Limited Company Abroad – How Foreign Creditors are Protected after Inspire Art (Including a Comparison of UK and German Creditor Protection Rules)', Alexander Schall, Issue 6, pp. 1534–1554
'‘Commercial Contracts’: Freedom, Practice and Rules in Italian Law', Guido Alpa, Issue 6, pp. 1555–1574
'The Accountability of Financial Sector Supervisors – Principles and Practice', Eva Hüpkes, Marc Quintyn, Michael W. Taylor, Issue 6, pp. 1575–1620
'2005 Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 1621–1627
'2005 Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 1628–1633

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