European Business Law Review

Volume 17 (2006)

'Fair Trading in EC Law', Laurence W. Gormley, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Consumers and Competition – Access and Compensation under EC Law', Hans-W. Micklitz, Issue 1, pp. 3–21
'From Unfair Trading to Free Competition – Towards A New Organisation of Markets in the European Union', Paul Nihoul, Issue 1, pp. 23–47
'Cooperation and Competition Regarding Standard Contract Terms in Consumer Contracts', Thomas Wilhelmsson, Issue 1, pp. 49–72
'Consumers and Competition Policy: The Commission’s Perspective and the Example of Transport', Rita Wezenbeek, Issue 1, pp. 73–82
'Competition Law and Consumer Protection: How Competition Law can be Used to Protect Consumers Even Better – or Not', Hans Vedder, Issue 1, pp. 83–93
'Competition, Free Movement, and Consumers of Public Services', Gareth Davies, Issue 1, pp. 95–104
'A Mourre (Ed) Le nouveau droit communautaire de la concurrence', J.F. Appeldoorn, Issue 1, pp. 105–106
'Van Bael & J-F Bellis, Anti-Dumping and Other Trade Protection Laws of the EC', Laurence W. Gormley, Issue 1, pp. 107–108
'Duty of Care and Liabilities of Members of the Two Boards of German Public Companies', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 1, pp. 109–120
'Three Challenges Ahead for the New EU Securities Regulation Directives', Iris H.-Y. Chiu, Issue 1, pp. 121–134
'Cross-border Interbank Settlement within the EU', Miriam Goldby, Issue 1, pp. 135–182
'A Hard Look at Self-Regulation in the UK', Giovanna de Minico, Issue 1, pp. 183–211
'Book Review: Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions, edited by P Legrand and R Munday. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003)', Jeremy Kingsley, Issue 1, pp. 213–223

'Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: The Challenge of Striking a Delicate Balance', Vassilios Skouris, Issue 2, pp. 225–239
'Effet Utile Versus Legal Certainty: The Case-law of the Court of Justice on the Direct Effect of Directives', Vassilios Skouris, Issue 2, pp. 241–255
'Liability for Breach of Community Law: A Survey of the ECJ Cases Post Factortame', Christopher Vajda QC, Issue 2, pp. 257–268
'Crehan and the Way Ahead', Walter van Gerven, Issue 2, pp. 269–274
'Köbler v Austria: Expositional Supremacy and Member State Liability', James E. Pfander, Issue 2, pp. 275–297
'Member State Liability and Direct Effect: What’s the Difference After All?', Sacha Prechal, Issue 2, pp. 299–316
'Foreword', Emmanuel Maurice, Issue 2, pp. 319–319
'Foreword', Venjamin Yakovlev, Issue 2, pp. 321–322
'Foreword', Lord Mance, Issue 2, pp. 323–324
'1. The Importance of the Rule of Law and Respect for Contractual Rights in Transition Countries', Roberto Dañino, Issue 2, pp. 327–333
'2. The Rule of Law and the Transition to a Market-based Economy', Jernej Sekolec, Issue 2, pp. 335–342
'3. Enforcement of Contracts in Central and Eastern Europe: A General Survey', Stefan Messmann, Issue 2, pp. 343–354
'Comment: Privatization of Enforcement is Not the Answer', Rolf Knieper, Issue 2, pp. 355–357
'4. The Role of Arbitration Courts in the Enforcement of Commercial Contracts', Venjamin Yakolev, Issue 2, pp. 361–367
'5. Lessons Learned from the English Contract Enforcement Experience and Their Possible Application to the Region', Justice Steel, Issue 2, pp. 369–371
'6. The Courts’ Role: A Practitioner’s Perspective', Anthony White QC, Issue 2, pp. 373–375
'Comment: Shortcomings in Legislation and Arbitration Procedure in Kazakhstan', Olga Ivanova Chensova, Issue 2, pp. 377–378
'Comment: Improvements in Court Practice', Paul Kearney, Issue 2, pp. 379–379
'Discussion', Issue 2, pp. 381–384
'7. The EBRD’s Role in Fostering an Environment for the Enforcement of Contracts', Gerard Sanders, Issue 2, pp. 387–394
'8. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Experience of Contract Enforcement', Jason Verville, Issue 2, pp. 395–397
'9. An Exploration of Practical Issues of Contract Enforcement', François Veit, Issue 2, pp. 399–401
'Comment: The Limitations of Court-based Enforcement in Transition Countries', Igor Palka, Issue 2, pp. 403–404
'Comment: Obtaining and Enforcing Judgments in Romania', Todd Shollenbarger, Issue 2, pp. 405–405
'10. ICC Alternative Dispute Resolution and Transition Countries', Eduardo Silva-Romero, Issue 2, pp. 409–412
'11. Internet Domain Name Disputes', Francis Gurry, Issue 2, pp. 413–416
'12. Investment Treaty Arbitration', Judith Gill, Issue 2, pp. 417–422
'Comment: The Growth of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Bulgaria', Silvy Chernev, Issue 2, pp. 423–424
'Comment: Practical and Procedural Issues in Arbitration', Nicholas Fletcher, Issue 2, pp. 425–426
'Arbitration in Hungary', Eva Horvath, Issue 2, pp. 427–428
'Arbitration in Ukraine', Igor Pobirchenko, Issue 2, pp. 429–429
'Arbitration in Slovenia', Kresimir Puharič, Issue 2, pp. 431–432
'Comment: The Use of International Arbitration in Disputes Involving Transition Countries', Nigel Rawding, Issue 2, pp. 433–434
'13. The Impact of EU Enlargement on the Enforcement of Contracts – Positive Law Aspects', Catherine Kessedjian, Issue 2, pp. 437–440
'14. The Impact of Community Law on the Enforcement of Contracts in the Region', Michael Wilderspin, Issue 2, pp. 441–445
'Comment: Prospects for the Rule of Law', Christopher Cviic, Issue 2, pp. 447–449
'Concluding Remarks', Mads Andenas, Issue 2, pp. 451–453
'15. Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Bulgaria', Silvy Chernev, Issue 2, pp. 457–461
'16. Enforcement of Contracts in Kazakhstan', Olga Ivanova Chensova, Issue 2, pp. 463–469
'17. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Russian Federation', Vladimir Khvalei, Issue 2, pp. 471–489
'18. Some Trends in International Dispute Resolution Involving Russian Parties', Nigel Rawding, Zachary Douglas, Issue 2, pp. 491–493
'19. Practical and Procedural Issues Relating to Arbitration in Slovenia', Kresimir Puharič, Issue 2, pp. 495–507
'20. International Commercial Arbitration in the Ukraine', Igor Pobirchenko, Issue 2, pp. 509–514

'Foreword by the Right Honourable Lord Mance', Jonathan Mance, Issue 3, pp. 515–517
'Editors’ Preface', Mads Andenas, Burkhard Hess, Paul Oberhammer, Issue 3, pp. 519–521
'Introduction', Peter Schlosser, Issue 3, pp. 523–525
'National Paradigms of Civil Enforcement: Mutual Recognition or Harmonization in Europe?', Mads Andenas, Issue 3, pp. 529–544
'Efficiency in the Methods of Enforcement of Judgments: Public vs Private Systems', Juan Pablo Correa Delcasso, Issue 3, pp. 545–548
'Market Integration, the Harmonization Process, and Enforcement Practices in the EU Member States', Mads Andenas, Renato Nazzini, Issue 3, pp. 549–592
'Civil Enforcement in Austria', Paul Oberhammer, Issue 3, pp. 595–617
'Civil Enforcement in England and Wales', Mads Andenas, Issue 3, pp. 619–640
'Civil Enforcement in France', Marie-Laure Niboyet, Sabine Lacassagne, Issue 3, pp. 641–653
'Civil Enforcement in Germany', Burkhard Hess, Marcus Mack, Issue 3, pp. 655–678
'Civil Enforcement in The Netherlands', Ton Jongbloed, Issue 3, pp. 679–696
'Civil Enforcement in Spain', Juan Pablo Correa Delcasso, Issue 3, pp. 697–709
'Civil Enforcement in Sweden', Torbjörn Andersson, Hugo Fridén, Issue 3, pp. 711–722
'Comparative Analysis of the National Reports', Burkhard Hess, Issue 3, pp. 723–743
'Harmonization and Mutual Recognition: How to Handle Mutual Distrust?', Torbjörn Andersson, Issue 3, pp. 747–752
'Can there be a European Bailiff?', Ton Jongbloed, Issue 3, pp. 753–761
'Minimum Procedural Standards for Enforcement of Provisional and Protective Measures at European Level', Burkhard Hess, Issue 3, pp. 765–784
'English Private International Law Aspects of Provisional and Protective Measures', Andrew Dickinson, Issue 3, pp. 785–796
'The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties on Enforcement Practices', George E. Kodek, Issue 3, pp. 799–826
'Comparative Analysis of the Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement', Paul Oberhammer, Issue 3, pp. 835–842
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: Austria', Paul Oberhammer, Issue 3, pp. 843–848
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: England and Wales', Mads Andenas, Issue 3, pp. 849–860
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: France', Marie-Laure Niboyet, Sabine Lacassagne, Issue 3, pp. 861–863
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: Germany', Burkhard Hess, Issue 3, pp. 865–870
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: The Netherlands', Ton Jongbloed, Issue 3, pp. 871–873
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: Spain', Juan Pablo Correa Delcasso, Issue 3, pp. 875–878
'National Case Studies on Unlawful Enforcement: Sweden', Torbjörn Andersson, Hugo Fridén, Issue 3, pp. 879–882
'Bibliography', Issue 3, pp. 883–888

'The Administration of Justice and the Role of Lawyers', Guido Alpa, Issue 4, pp. 889–907
'The Future of the Euro – What Happens if a Member State Leaves?', Charles Proctor, Issue 4, pp. 909–937
'Managing Intellectual Property Rights: Government Tactics to Curtail Counterfait Trade', Peggy E. Chaudhry, Issue 4, pp. 939–958
'The Right of Access to Public Bodies’ Records in Italy and UK: “Actio Ad Exhibendum” and Freedom of Information, Risks and Opportunities for Private Sector Companies', Simone Mezzacapo, Issue 4, pp. 959–979
'When the Wrongdoer Profits from its Wrongdoing', Erik Werlauff, Issue 4, pp. 981–997
'Clarifying and Settling Access to Clearing and Settlement in the EU', David Henry, Issue 4, pp. 999–1020
'Consumer Protection on the Market for Consumer Credit in Poland – Do Near-Banks Enter the “Second Market” – Similar to the British Model?', Włodzimierz Szpringer, Issue 4, pp. 1021–1061
'Creation of Database or Creation of Data: Crucial Choices in the Matter of Database Protection', Antoine Masson, Issue 4, pp. 1063–1073
'Regulatory Competition and the European Harmonisation Process', Hanne Søndergaard Birkmose, Issue 4, pp. 1075–1097
'Property Rights in Securities and the Doctrine of Specificity under Swedish Law', Erica Johansson, Issue 4, pp. 1099–1128
'Corporate (Mis)governance?', Panagiotis K. Staikouras, Issue 4, pp. 1129–1167
'25 Thoughts on European Company Law in the EU of 25', Arkadiusz Radwan, Issue 4, pp. 1169–1179
'Instruments Issued by Italian Public Companies', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 4, pp. 1181–1190
'Awarding Damages for Breach of Competition Law in English Courts – Crehan in the Court of Appeal', Renato Nazzini, Mads Andenas, Issue 4, pp. 1191–1210
'Book Review: The European Insolvency Regulation: Law and Practice, by Miguel Virgos and Francisco Garcimartin. (The Hague: Kluwer Law International 2004)', Paul J Omar, Issue 4, pp. 1211–1214

'Property Rights, Collateral, Creditor Rights and Financial Development', Douglas W. Arner, Charles D. Booth, Berry F.C. Hsu, Paul Lejot, Issue 5, pp. 1215–1240
'Broadening Access to Financial Services – Competing Imperatives', Angela Itzikowitz, Issue 5, pp. 1241–1263
'Financial Holding Company: Organizational Choice for China’s Financial Sector Reform', Jianwei Li, Issue 5, pp. 1265–1269
'China’s Banking Reform in the Context of Globalization and Transition', Jing Leng, Issue 5, pp. 1271–1302
'“Law and Culture in the Future of Asia”', Arthur M. Mitchell, Issue 5, pp. 1303–1308
'Independence and Accountability of the People’s Bank of China: A Legal Perspective', Zhongfei Zhou, Jingwei Li, Issue 5, pp. 1309–1332
'USA v China and the Revaluation of the Renminbi: Exchange Rate Pegs and International Law', Charles Proctor, Issue 5, pp. 1333–1354
'Consumer Contracts and Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters', Edoardo Gambaro, Niccolò Landi, Issue 5, pp. 1355–1371
'The Hypothesis of the European Legal Person', Nagy Péter, Issue 5, pp. 1373–1380
'No Flying Start but a Bright Future for EU Directive 2003/41/EC on Occupational Pension Institutions', Paulina Dejmek, Issue 5, pp. 1381–1394
'Modernising English Property Law: The Influence of Internal Market Principles', Barbara Bogusz, Issue 5, pp. 1395–1419
'The Regulation of Consumer Credit Information Systems: A Lesson from Italy?', Federico Ferretti, Issue 5, pp. 1421–1440
'Strict Liability in Italian Law', Guido Alpa, Issue 5, pp. 1441–1471
'The Development of Collective Legal Actions in Europe, Especially in German Civil Procedure', Hans-W. Micklitz, Astrid Stadler, Issue 5, pp. 1473–1503

'The Italian Interpretation of the Code Civil and French Proposals for Recodification', Guido Alpa, Issue 6, pp. 1505–1533
'Financial Institutions Playing Different Roles: The Parmalat Case', Angela Maria Carozzi, Issue 6, pp. 1535–1544
'The Freedom of Establishment and the Market Access of Hospital Operators', Karl Stöger, Issue 6, pp. 1545–1558
'The German Private Company Limited Partnership', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 6, pp. 1559–1573
'A Comparative Analysis of the Liability of Non-executive Directors in the UK and of Members of the Supervisory Board in Germany', Philipp Lederer, Issue 6, pp. 1575–1613
'Adapting the European Community Legal Structure to the International Trade', Julien Chaisse, Issue 6, pp. 1615–1635
'A Modified Open Method of Coordination in Corporate Governance', Sandy Mavrommati, Chryssa Papathanassiou, Issue 6, pp. 1637–1649
'How to Apply the Issue of Good Governance to Central Banks: Theoretical Clarifications on the Modalities of the Exercise of Monetary Power', Alessandra Chirico, Issue 6, pp. 1651–1678
'Critical Analysis of the Prospectus Directive', Mirella Pellegrini, Issue 6, pp. 1679–1692
'The New EC Merger Regulation – The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same?', Anna-Louise Hinds, Issue 6, pp. 1693–1713
'Marks & Spencer: Community Law Extends a Helping Hand', Thomas Rønfeldt, Issue 6, pp. 1715–1726
'Review Article: Goode’s Swan Song to Corporate Insolvency Law', Look Chan Ho, Issue 6, pp. 1727–1752
'Book Review: Tradition and Europeanization in Italian Law: The New Path of European Law, by Guido Alpa', Antonio Lordi, Issue 6, pp. 1753–1763

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