European Business Law Review

Volume 18 (2007)

'Liability for Regulators and Public Authorities', Mads Andenas, Issue 1, pp. 1–3
'Authority or Reason? The Economic Consequences of Liability for Breach of Statutory Duty in a Comparative Perspective', Basil Markesinis, Jörg Fedtke, Issue 1, pp. 5–75
'Is Europe Aiming to Civilise the Common Law?', Jonathan Mance, Issue 1, pp. 77–99
'The Differing Approach to Commercial Litigation in the European Court of Justice and the Courts of England and Wales', Anthony Clarke, Issue 1, pp. 101–129
'Notes on Transparency in Banking and Financial Services and Transactions', Guido Alpa, Issue 1, pp. 131–139
'Payments and Financial Security – An Overview', Lars Gorton, Issue 1, pp. 141–166
'Financial Markets and Human Capital – New Evaluation Norms and Auditing Practices Needed', Sabine Urban, Issue 1, pp. 167–179
'Merger, Moving and Division Across National Borders – When Case Law Breaks through Barriers and Overtakes Directives', Lone L. Hansen, Issue 1, pp. 181–204
'Shareholder Rights in France and the UK in a European Perspective', Virginie Leroy, Issue 1, pp. 205–241
'Public Procurement System of Turkey Towards Full Membership of the European Union', Servet Alyanak, Issue 1, pp. 243–263

'Law, Culture and Economic Development: The Provision of Banking and Financial Services in the FTAA Area: Rationalizing the Divergent “Cultures of Negotiation”', Joseph J. Norton, Mauricio Baquero-Herrera, Issue 2, pp. 265–312
'Syndicated Loans: Some Thoughts on the Reception of Anglo-American Contract Practice into Swedish Law', Lars Gorton, Issue 2, pp. 313–334
'Compensation for Adverse Possession', Erik Werlauff, Issue 2, pp. 335–345
'The Firm and the Fulfilment of a New Humanism: Critical Reflections', Sabine Urban, Issue 2, pp. 347–350
'Copyright and Freedom of Expression: An Ambiguous Relationship', Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, Issue 2, pp. 351–362
'The Concept of Title Transfer in a Civil Law System', Gintautas Posiùnas, Issue 2, pp. 363–402
'The Participation of Employees’ Representatives in the Governance Structure of the Societas Europeae', Claire Leca, Issue 2, pp. 403–441

'Reflections on Trends and Evolutions in the Law of Monetary Obligations in European Private Law', Noah Vardi, Issue 3, pp. 443–475
'Competition Issues in Commercial Agreements', John Gaffney, Fiona O’Connell, Emily Gibson, Issue 3, pp. 477–508
'Re-regulation of Infrastructure Investment: Issues for the International Lawyer', Phil C.W. Chan, Issue 3, pp. 509–515
'Advertising Restrictions and the Free Movement of Goods– The Case Law of the ECJ', David Kraft, Issue 3, pp. 517–523
'The Management of Belgian Public Limited Liability Companies', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 3, pp. 525–533
'The European Company (SE) as a Vehicle for Corporate Mobility within the EU: A Breakthrough in European Corporate Law?', Marios Bouloukos, Issue 3, pp. 535–557
'Initial Public Offerings and Interest Income in Hong Kong', Chee Keong Low, Issue 3, pp. 559–583
'The New Cross-Border Merger Directive: Harmonisation of European Company Law and Free Movement', Arianna Ugliano, Issue 3, pp. 585–617
'The European Court of Justice and the Anastasiou Saga: Principles of Europeanisation through Economic Governance', Stéphanie Laulhé Shaelou, Issue 3, pp. 619–639
'Book Review: Hans-W. Micklitz: The Politics of Judicial Co-operation in the EU–Sunday Trading, Equal Treatment and Good Faith', Norbert Reich, Issue 3, pp. 641–647

'Claims Against Professionals: Negligence, Dishonesty and Fraud', Anthony Clarke, Issue 4, pp. 649–666
'Work Councils, Acquisitions and Corporate Governance in the Netherlands - Creating an Organisation within an Organisation', James Kirkbride, Steve Letza, Xander Vehof, Issue 4, pp. 667–682
'Public and Private Transnational Enforcement of EU Consumer Law', Gerrit Betlem, Issue 4, pp. 683–708
'Methodology of Uniform Contract Law - The UNIDROIT Principles as a Source of Law', Maren Heidemann, Issue 4, pp. 709–767
'European Private Company and the Regulatory Landscape in the EU - An Introductory Note', Arkadiusz Radwan, Issue 4, pp. 769–780
'Overviewing the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: Concentric Circles', Peter Shears, Issue 4, pp. 781–796
'The Duty to Examine Goods under the Uniform International Sales Law - An Analysis of Article 38 CSIG', Camilla Baasch Andersen, Issue 4, pp. 797–814
'Book Review: Rosa M. Lastra, Legal Foundations of International Monetary Stability', Charles Proctor, Issue 4, pp. 815–817

'Financial Services, Products, Risks and Regulation in Europe after the EU 1998 Action Plan and Basle II', Jan H Dalhuisen, Issue 5, pp. 819–1091
'Management and Control of Italian Public Companies', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 5, pp. 1093–1100
'Restricting State Liability in Tort on Grounds of Policy: A Comparative Study of English and French Law', Changez Khan, Issue 5, pp. 1101–1142
'A Single European Union Mortgage Credit Market: Manifestly an Illusion or a Reality Just Around the Corner?', Adetunji Omole, Issue 5, pp. 1143–1180
'An Exercise in Effectiveness?', Ester Herlin-Karnell, Issue 5, pp. 1181–1191
'The New Version Company Law of PRC: Introduction, Comparison, Analysis and Criticism', Chen Luyang, Li Zhongshu, Issue 5, pp. 1193–1204
'Book Review: Anne-Louise Schümer, Die Stellung des Ministerpräsidenten in den Bundesländern im Vergleich', Greg Taylor, Issue 5, pp. 1205–1207

'A Victim’s Culture', Michael D. Hausfeld, Andrea L. Hertzfeld, Issue 6, pp. 1209–1229
'Encouraging Enterprise and Rebalancing Risk: Implications of Economic Policy for Regulation, Enforcement and Compensation', Christopher Hodges, Issue 6, pp. 1231–1266
'Pharmaceutical Products: The Relationship between Regulatory Approval and the Existence of a Defect', Mark Mildred, Issue 6, pp. 1267–1282
'1982–2007: 25 Ans d’Accords Interinstitutionnels Budgetaires', Auke Baas, Issue 6, pp. 1283–1304
'Disharmonization: A Swedish Critique of Principles of European Tort Law', Marten Schultz, Issue 6, pp. 1305–1326
'Are All Sports Special? Legal Issues in the Regulation of Formula One Motor Racing', Adam Cygan, Issue 6, pp. 1327–1351
'Survey of State Aid in the Lending Sector: A Comprehensive Review of Main State Aid Cases', Pierpaolo Rossi, Valentina Sansonetti, Issue 6, pp. 1353–1394
'The Role of the IMF and World Bank in Financial Sector Reform and Compliance: An Outline', Dalvinder Singh, Issue 6, pp. 1395–1421
'Establishment of the SE Company: An Overview over the Provisions Governing the Formation of the European Company', Christine Hodt Dickens, Issue 6, pp. 1423–1464
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 1465–1469
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 1471–1475

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