European Business Law Review

Volume 19 (2008)

'Foreword', David Edward, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Preface', Gordon Blanke, Issue 1, pp. 3–6
'Arbitration in EC Merger Control: Old Wine in a New Bottle', LUCA G RADICATI DI BROZOLO, Issue 1, pp. 7–15
'The Case for Supranational Arbitration – Ideas and Prospects', Gordon Blanke, Issue 1, pp. 17–41
'Arbitrability of Antitrust Claims in the United States of America', PETER E. GREENE, PETER S. JULIAN, JULIE BÉDARD, Issue 1, pp. 43–55
'The Application by Arbitrators of Articles 81 & 82 and Their Relationship with the European Commission', HANS VAN HOUTTE, Issue 1, pp. 63–75
'The European Commission’s View on Arbitrating Competition Law Issues', JOHANNES LÜBKING, Issue 1, pp. 77–87
'A Principled Approach to Arbitration of Competition Law Disputes: Competition Authorities as Amici Curiae and the Status of Their Decisions in Arbitral Proceedings', RENATO NAZZINI, Issue 1, pp. 89–114
'Panel Discussion', Carl Nisser, Issue 1, pp. 115–128
'Judgment of the Swiss Supreme Court of 8 March 2006 – A Commentary', PHILLIP LANDOLT, Issue 1, pp. 129–145
'The Arbitrability of Competition Law Disputes', JAMES BRIDGEMAN, Issue 1, pp. 147–174
'Arbitration and the Modernisation of EC Competition Law', DIEDERIK DE GROOT, Issue 1, pp. 175–192
'ICC Draft Best Practice Note on the European Commission Acting as Amicus Curiae in International Arbitration Proceedings – An Explanatory Note', CARL NISSER, GORDON BLANKE, Issue 1, pp. 193–197
'ICC Draft Best Practice Note on the European Commission Acting as Amicus Curiae in International Arbitration Proceedings – The Text', Carl Nisser, Gordon Blanke, Issue 1, pp. 198–218
'Dissenting Opinion on a Dangerous Project', Alexis Mourre, Issue 1, pp. 219–232

'Do we need Codes and/or Laws for Better Administrative Procedure and Conduct of Officials?', Mario P Chiti, Issue 2, pp. 233–242
'European Union Law as a Legal System in a Comparative Perspective', Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, Noah Vardi, Issue 2, pp. 243–265
'Arbitration in Denmark: The Parties’ Influence on a Danish Arbitration Case', Erik Werlauff, Issue 2, pp. 267–278
'Family Businesses and the EU Recommendation on the Transfer of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises', Lars-Göran Sund, Leif Melin, Issue 2, pp. 279–291
'Tighter Control on Foreign Acquisitions in China? – The XCMG Case', Qingxiu Bu, Issue 2, pp. 293–309
'Getting to Know You: The Developing Relationship between National Courts of the “Newer” Member States and the European Court of Justice, with particular Reference to Estonia', Rose M D’Sa, Julia Laffranque, Issue 2, pp. 311–320
'A Critical Analysis of the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme', Ruth Tindley, Issue 2, pp. 321–363
'Regulating Risk or Advancing Therapies? – Regulation and Sustainability of Medicines in a Cash-limited Economy', Christopher Hodges, Issue 2, pp. 365–386
'Biometric Data in Scandinavia', Charlotte Bagger Tranberg, Issue 2, pp. 387–403

'Corporate Governance and the Corporate Objective in the European Community: Proposing a Re–Definition in Light of EC Law', Luca Cerioni, Andrew Keay, Issue 3, pp. 405–445
'Hedge Fund Regulation in Selected European Jurisdictions: A Comparative Review', Phoebus Athanassiou, Issue 3, pp. 447–484
'Navigating the Maze: Reviewing the Information Disclosure Requirements in the Financial Services Acquis', Jennifer Long, Issue 3, pp. 485–524
'The Concept of ‘Out of Sight — Offshore — Out of Mind’ under the International Financial Architecture: Do Tax Havens Impede Economic Growth and Development?', Mei–Wah Leung, Issue 3, pp. 525–555
'Is There More to it Than the Fight Against ‘Dirty Money’? Article 95 EC and the Criminal Law', Ester Herlin–Karnell, Issue 3, pp. 557–577
'Le Code Civil Napoléon et les Obligations Contractuelles: de Centenaire en Centenaire ... et Perspectives', Marcel Fontaine, Issue 3, pp. 579–603
'Using the WTO for the Protection of Human Rights in China?', Phil CW Chan, Issue 3, pp. 605–628
'Enterprise Financing and Assets Transfer as Guarantee Purposes: a Comparative Law Analysis of the Italian System', Daniela Valentino, Issue 3, pp. 629–645
'Ecotaxes and the European Union', Eric Engle, Issue 3, pp. 647–656
'The 2002 EC Directives Telecommunications: Regime up to the 2008 Ongoing Revision – Have the Goals been Reached?', Giovanna De Minico, Issue 3, pp. 657–675

'“True and Fair View” Versus “Fair Presentation” Accountings:Are They Legally Similar or Different?', Md Anowar Zahid, Issue 4, pp. 677–690
'Unfair Commercial Practices in Franchise Agreements:The Exploitation of Economic Dependence Situations', Carmen Estevan de Quesada, Issue 4, pp. 691–708
'One Share – One Vote and the Case for a Harmonised Capital Structure', George Psarakis, Issue 4, pp. 709–733
'Reflections on the Securities Law of Jordan', Bashar H. Malkawi, Issue 4, pp. 735–765
'Applicable Employment Law after Rome I –The Draft Rome I Regulation and Its Importance for Employment Contracts', Lone L. Hansen, Issue 4, pp. 767–774
'Four Years of MADness? – The New Market Abuse Prohibition Revisited: Integrated Implementation Through the Lens of a Critical, Comparative Analysis', Panagiotis K. Staikouras, Issue 4, pp. 775–809
'The Implementation of the Takeovers Directive in Germany', Frank Wooldridge, Issue 4, pp. 811–816
'Lazaros E Panourgias, Banking Regulation and World Trade Law', JH Dalhuisen, Issue 4, pp. 817–819

'Regulating Credit Rating Agencies in a Transatlantic Dialogue', Elisabetta Cervone, Issue 5, pp. 821–881
'ADR and Mediation: Experience from Italy', Guido Alpa, Issue 5, pp. 883–894
'On the Difficulties of Legally Regulating Multinational Enterprises', Bernhard Kuschnik, Issue 5, pp. 895–907
'Main Trends of the Italian Competition Authority’s Activity: A Law and Economics Perspective', Andrea Nuzzi, Giovanni Battista Nuzzi, Issue 5, pp. 909–948
'Insider Dealing and Parity of Information — Is Georgakis Still Valid?', David Moalem, Jesper Lau Hansen, Issue 5, pp. 949–984
'The Operation of the International Commercial and Financial Legal Order: The Lex Mercatoria and its Application — Moving from the Theories of Legal Positivism and Formalism to the Practicalities of Legal Pluralism and Dynamism', Jan H Dalhuisen, Issue 5, pp. 985–1050

'Editorial Comment: Between the Public Interest and the Free Market: Would the Liberalisation of the Legal Profession Bring Benefits to the Client – And to the Market?', Arianna Andreangeli, Issue 6, pp. 1051–1060
'Competition Law and the Regulation of the Legal Profession in Ireland – Where’s the Trouble? (A Critical Analysis of Selected Aspects of the Irish Competition Authority’s Report into the Legal Profession in Ireland)', Dermot Cahill, Issue 6, pp. 1061–1077
'Regulating the Legal Profession: Article 81, the Public Interest and the ECJ’s Judgment in Wouters', Alison Jones, Issue 6, pp. 1079–1103
'Referring to Justice', John Peysner, Issue 6, pp. 1105–1127
'Regulation of the Legal Professions or Regulation of Markets for Legal Services: Potential Implications of the Legal Services Act 2007', Frank H. Stephen, Issue 6, pp. 1129–1139
'Joined Cases T–125/03 and 253/03, AKZO Nobel Chemicals Ltd v Ackros Chemicals Ltd v Commission', Arianna Andreangeli, Issue 6, pp. 1141–1161
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 1163–1167
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 1169–1173

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