European Business Law Review

Volume 22 (2011)

'Moving Towards Stakeholderism? Constituency Statutes, Enlightened Shareholder Value, and More: Much Ado about Little?', Andrew Keay, Issue 1, pp. 1–49
'Through the Legal Looking Glass: Exploring the Concept of Corporate Legal Strategy', Antoine Masson, Mary J. Shariff, Issue 1, pp. 51–77
'Intellectual Property in the European Legal Context: Tools and Perspectives', Laura Moscati, Issue 1, pp. 79–92
'Ownership Restrictions, Risk and Team Considerations in Family-owned Businesses', Lars-Göran Sund, Per-Olof Bjuggren, Issue 1, pp. 93–105
'ECJ Settles Dispute over Italian Withholding Tax, Raising New Concerns about EEA Agreement', Frederik Zimmer, Issue 1, pp. 107–113
'Book Review: Beate Sjåfjell, Towards a Sustainable European Company Law: A Normative Analysis of the Objectives of EU Law, with the Takeover Directive as a Test Case, Wolters Kluwer, The Netherlands, 2009', Charlotte Villiers, Issue 1, pp. 115–117

'Antitrust Arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996: A Commentary', Gordon Blanke, Issue 2, pp. 119–169
'Regulating Listed Companies: Between Company Law and Financial Market Law in Danish Law', Nis Jul Clausen, Issue 2, pp. 171–188
'Corporate Risks, Risk Bearing Ability and Equity', Lukas Handschin, Issue 2, pp. 189–210
'The Swedish Capital Markets Law from a European Perspective', Fabian Walla, Issue 2, pp. 211–221
'Prospectuses in Public Offering and a Functional Legal Framework: A Comparison between Germany and China', Yiliang Dong, Issue 2, pp. 223–235
'The Regulation of Companies’ Capital in the European Union: What is the Current State of Affairs?', Katja Fuchs Mtwebana, Issue 2, pp. 237–260

'A Market-Based Competition Enforcement Policy', Christopher JS Hodges, Issue 3, pp. 261–291
'The Bank-Industry Relationship: A Comparative and Theoretical Approach', Alessandro Benocci, Issue 3, pp. 293–310
'Resolving the Reverse Discrimination Paradox in the Area of Customs Duties: The Lancry Saga', Alina Tryfonidou, Issue 3, pp. 311–336
'EU’s Monitoring of China’s Compliance with WTO Obligations', Qingjiang Kong, Issue 3, pp. 337–348
'The Desirability of ’Centre Of Main Interests’ as a Mechanism for Allocating Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Cross-Border Insolvency Law', Epp Aasaru, Issue 3, pp. 349–380
'The Concepts of the Scottish (and Italian) Unilateral Promise and the English Unilateral Contracts – Comparative Law Reflections on “Call Options” and “Put Options” in the light of the Jurisdictions of England, Scotland and Italy', Pierdomenico de Gioia-Carabellese, Issue 3, pp. 381–398
'Ever Decreasing Circles: Prohibition or Regulation of Share Buy-Backs under the Companies Act 2006 – A Legal Capital Perspective', Edwin Mkwananzi , Issue 3, pp. 399–418
'Editorial Review: Book Review: Niamh Moloney, How to Protect Investors: Lessons from the UK and EU (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2010)', Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 3, pp. 419–421

'Editorial: Tribute to Professor Kurt Lipstein (1909-2006)', Neil Andrews, Issue 4, pp. 423–424
'The Impact of Human Rights Law on Contract Law In Europe', Hugh Collins, Issue 4, pp. 425–435
'The Interplay of Contractual Construction and Civil Justice: Procedures for Accelerated Justice', Gerard Mcmeel, Issue 4, pp. 437–449
'A Revolution Deferred: The Impact of the South African Constitution on the Law of Contract', JJ Meiring, Issue 4, pp. 451–466
'Fault and Breach of Contract in France and England: Some Comparisons', Solène Rowan, Issue 4, pp. 467–485
'Mistake as a Vitiating Factor in English Contract Law – Comparing the UNIDROIT and European Draft Codes', Gareth Spark, Issue 4, pp. 487–499
'Assessing the Content of Contracts: Implied Terms from a Comparative Perspective', Antoine Vey, Issue 4, pp. 501–516

'Reinforcing the Market for Corporate Control', Blanaid Clarke, Issue 5, pp. 517–540
'The Case Against Reform of the Takeover Bids Directive', Joseph A. McCahery, Erik P.M. Vermeulen, Issue 5, pp. 541–557
'Is the Board Neutrality Rule Trivial? Amnesia about Corporate Law in European Takeover Regulation', Carsten Gerner-Beuerle, David Kershaw, Matteo Solinas, Issue 5, pp. 559–622
'European Takeover Law: The Case for a Neutral Approach', Luca Enriques, Issue 5, pp. 623–639
'The Core of Corporate Governance: Implications of the Takeover Directive for Corporate Governance in Europe', Beate Sjåfjell, Issue 5, pp. 641–708

'Does a Loan to a Bank Qualify as a ‘Deposit’? On the Definition of ‘Deposit’ in Directive 94/19/EC, as Amended by Directive 2009/14/EC', Erik Werlauff, Issue 6, pp. 709–724
'Revisiting the Fundamentals of Internal Market Law: Civil Society as a Third Sector between the State and the Market', Gautier Busschaert, Issue 6, pp. 725–739
'Personal Data Breach Notification System in the European Union: Interpretation of “Without Undue Delay”', Faye Fangfei Wang, Issue 6, pp. 741–757
'Non-executive Directors and Auditors in the Context of the UK Corporate Governance: Two (or Too Many?) “Pirandellian” Characters still in the Search of an Author?', Pierdomenico de Gioia-Carabellese, Issue 6, pp. 759–789
'European Enterprise Models – New Chances and Challenges', Yen-Lin Agnes Chiu, Issue 6, pp. 791–814
'Consulting the European Central Bank in the Regulatory Field of the National Central Bank of the Member State of the European Union', Gintautas Pošiūnas, Issue 6, pp. 815–846
'Corporate Mobility under Article 49 TFEU: A Question of Means, not Ends', Aaron Khan, Issue 6, pp. 847–870
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 871–874
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 875–877

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