European Business Law Review

Volume 25 (2014)

'The Application of EU Law to Arbitration in the UK: A Study on Practice and Procedure', Gordon Blanke, Issue 1, pp. 1–66
'Bank Resolution Regimes in Europe – Part II: Resolution Tools and Powers', Michael Schillig, Issue 1, pp. 67–102
'‘The Carrot and the Stick: The Issue of Directors’ Remuneration and the Scope for Employee Participation, a Comparative Analysis', Jay Gajjar, Issue 1, pp. 103–139
'The Application of EU Competition Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector: The Case of Parallel Trade', Lazaros G. Grigoriadis, Issue 1, pp. 141–201
'Editorial Book Review: Eilis Ferran, Niamh Moloney, Jennifer G Hill and John C Coffee Jnr, The Regulatory Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)', Issue 1, pp. 203–204

'Editorial Introduction: Regulating Credit Rating Agencies in the EU', Gudula Deipenbrock, Mads Andenas, Issue 2, pp. 205–206
'Trying or Failing Better Next Time? - The European Legal Framework for Credit Rating Agencies after Its Second Reform', Gudula Deipenbrock, Issue 2, pp. 207–225
'Regulation of Credit Rating Companies: An Economic Point of View', Andreas Horsch, Issue 2, pp. 227–248
'Regulation by Ratings: An Economic Point of View', Andreas Horsch, Jacob Kleinow, Issue 2, pp. 249–268
'Regulating Credit Rating Agencies in the EU: In Search of a Coherent Regulatory Regime', Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 2, pp. 269–294
'The Risk of Ratings in Bank Capital Regulation', Kern Alexander, Issue 2, pp. 295–313
'Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies after CRA 3 – Regulatory All-or-Nothing Approaches between Immunity and Over-Deterrence', Brigitte Haar, Issue 2, pp. 315–334
'Civil Liability for Credit Ratings Agencies: A Swedish Perspective', Aron Verständig, Issue 2, pp. 335–347

'Europe’s Message about Law and Its Vitality: Past, Current and Future Perspectives', Paolo Grossi, Issue 3, pp. 349–360
'Simply a Matter of Style? Comparing Judicial Decisions', Mads Andenas, Duncan Fairgrieve, Issue 3, pp. 361–387
'Unsolicited Communication in Social Media', Jan Trzaskowski, Issue 3, pp. 389–406
'How Good are PIA Reports – And Where are They?', David Wright, Issue 3, pp. 407–426
'State Aids and Credit Institutions in Europe: What Way Forward?', Gianni Lo Schiavo, Issue 3, pp. 427–457
'European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive: Recovery Proceedings for Cross-Border Banking Groups', Valia SG Babis, Issue 3, pp. 459–480

'The Civil Procedure Rules 1998 – An On-Going Revolution? Their Strengths and Shortcomings', Robert Turner, Issue 4, pp. 481–498
'Interaction between Russia and England in Civil Procedure', Roman Khodykin, Issue 4, pp. 499–516
'The Place of Mediation in England & Wales in 2014', Tony Allen, Issue 4, pp. 517–526
'Coping with Complexity and Securing Justice: Through Multi-Party Litigation – Lessons from The Cat And JJB Sports', John Sorabji, Issue 4, pp. 527–538
'Refining the System of “Expert Evidence” in English Civil Procedure', John Leslie, Issue 4, pp. 539–544
'Affordable and Accurate Civil Justice – Challenges Facing the English and Other Modern Systems', Neil Andrews, Issue 4, pp. 545–563
'The English System of Costs: Life after the Jackson Reforms (April 2013)', Peter Hurst, Issue 4, pp. 565–585
'Courts Ensuring Compliance with Arbitration Clauses: The Position in English Law', Neil Andrews, Issue 4, pp. 587–604

'Party Autonomy and Choice of Law Applicable to “Domestic” Contracts', Guido Alpa, Issue 5, pp. 605–621
'Determining Damages incurred by False Information on the Securities Market', Olli Norros, Issue 5, pp. 623–663
'Legal Options of a Withdrawal from the Euro and the Reassignment of Monetary Sovereignty', Dirk Meyer, Issue 5, pp. 665–679
'Potential Impact of the New Post-Crisis Regulatory Approach to Financial Derivatives', Gediminas Laucius, Issue 5, pp. 681–725
'Environmentally Beneficial Agreements and Article 101(3) TFEU: Are Non-Economic Benefits an Option?', Kristinn Már Reynisson, Issue 5, pp. 727–746
'Material Adverse Effect Clause', Alex Fomcenco, Issue 5, pp. 747–758

'IOSCO and the Spreading of a US-Like Regulatory Philosophy around the World', Antonio Marcacci, Issue 6, pp. 759–809
'Cross-Border Investments in Undertakings and the Future of EU Company Law', J. van Bekkum, Issue 6, pp. 811–844
'International Tax Planning and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Crucial Issues and a Proposed “Assessment” in the European Union Context', Luca Cerioni, Issue 6, pp. 845–875
'An Unstoppable Force Rather Than an Illegitimate Farce: Exploring the Role of Offshore Financial Centres Amid Renewed Criticism', James McConvill, Issue 6, pp. 877–891
'The Quest for Uniformity between National Competition Authorities and Courts', Emanuela Pistoia, Issue 6, pp. 893–922
'Corporate Social Responsibility and Duties of Directors', Guglielmo Bevivino, Issue 6, pp. 923–942
'Spanish Legal System on Disclosure in Franchise Networks: Problems and Proposals for an Improved Regulation', Jaume Martí Miravalls, Issue 6, pp. 943–955
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 957–960
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 961–963

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