European Business Law Review

Volume 27 (2016)

'The Distinction between Public and Private Companies and its Relevance for Company Law: Observations from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands', Bas J. De Jong, Issue 1, pp. 1–23
'Lawful Distortion of Consumers’ Economic Behaviour – Collateral Damage Under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive', Jan Trzaskowski, Issue 1, pp. 25–49
'Theory of the Firm and Organisational Contracts: The Remedial Aspects of Good Faith', Demetrio Maltese, Marco Farina, Issue 1, pp. 51–83
'Financial Supervision after the Crisis: The Structures, the Lessons, and the Way Forward', Panagiotis Staikouras, Christos Triantopoulos, Issue 1, pp. 85–135
'Punitive Damages in Europe and Plea for the Recognition of Legal Pluralism', Erdem Büyüksagis, Ina Ebert, Duncan Fairgrieve, Renée Charlotte Meurkens, Francesco Quarta, Issue 1, pp. 137–157
'Proposals of the European Commission after the Financial and Debt Crisis', Stanyo Dinov, Issue 1, pp. 159–176
'The Consumer Protection Regulations in the UK: The Story So Far', Peter Shears, Issue 1, pp. 177–193

'Editorial Introduction: Directors’ Civil Liability and Directors’ Duties – Current Issues from the National and Comparative Company Law View', Gudula Deipenbrock, Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 2, pp. 195–196
'The ‘Business Judgment Rule’ and the Problem of Hindsight Bias – Observations from a German Company Law Perspective', Gudula Deipenbrock, Issue 2, pp. 197–221
'Directors’ Duties and Liability in Corporate Groups: A Japanese Perspective', Junko Ueda, Issue 2, pp. 223–241
'Current Issues of Directors’ Liability – The Scottish View', Maren Heidemann, Issue 2, pp. 243–259
'Comparing Directors’ Duties in the Financial Services Sector with Regulatory Duties under the Senior Persons Regime- Some Critical Observations', Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 2, pp. 261–283
'Is a Common Structure of Company Directors’ Duties Evolving in EU?', Rolf Dotevall, Issue 2, pp. 285–294

'Legal Limits on Food Labelling Law: Comparative Analysis of the EU and the USA', Eva van der Zee, Issue 3, pp. 295–323
'Collective Redress: Broadening EU Enforcement through State Liability?', James Marson, Katy Ferris, Issue 3, pp. 325–351
'Investors’ and Market Particiants’ Over-Reliance on External Credit Ratings: To What Extent Does EU Law Carry This Risk?', Francesco De Pascalis, Issue 3, pp. 353–375
'Evolution of Corporate Essence: Public Benefit Corporation', Alex Fomcenco, Issue 3, pp. 377–391
'Groups of Companies in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union', Karsten Engsig Sørensen, Issue 3, pp. 393–420
'Global Business: National Law, EU Law and International Customs and Contracts', Lars Gorton, Issue 3, pp. 421–458

'The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) and the Protection of Public Interest(s): The Need for a Greater External and Internal Action of the European Union', Daniele Gallo, Issue 4, pp. 459–485
'Do Specialized Courts Make a Difference? Evidence from Brazilian State Supreme Courts', Carolina Arlota, Nuno Garoupa, Issue 4, pp. 487–500
'Benefits to Employees by Way of Stock Options or Stock Purchase Schemes in India: Evaluating its Scope, Need and the Problems under the Extant Legal Regime', Pravesh Aggarwal, Issue 4, pp. 501–512
'Investor Protection under Mifid: A Survey of Greek Case Law', Vassilios Tountopoulos, Issue 4, pp. 513–533
'Software Assistance and Maintenance Contracts', Daniela Valentino, Issue 4, pp. 535–553
'Ethnographic Methods in the Study of Hybrid Processes in Arbitration: the Chinese and Western Perspectives', Kun Fan, Joanna Jemielniak, Issue 4, pp. 555–585

'Law and Economics of Central Counterparties (CCP) – Selected Issues of Regulation and Competition Concerning Financial Market Infrastructure', Mariusz Szpringer, Włodzimierz Szpringer, Issue 5, pp. 587–603
'Inward FDI and Local Institutional Building: Evidence from the Financial Sector in Italy', Ilaria Supino, Issue 5, pp. 605–613
'Shareholder Rights and Responsibilities in the Context of Corporate Social Responsibility', Robby Houben, Gert Straetmans, Issue 5, pp. 615–637
'Recognition and Legal Forms of Social Enterprise in Europe: A Critical Analysis from a Comparative Law Perspective', Antonio Fici, Issue 5, pp. 639–667
'Liability of Parent Companies for Human Rights Violations of Subsidiaries', Rolf H. Weber, Rainer Baisch, Issue 5, pp. 669–695
'Loans and Negative Interest Rates', Giuseppe Settanni, Issue 5, pp. 697–708

'European Private Law, Conceptions and Definitions of Contract', Guido Alpa, Issue 6, pp. 709–718
'Exit in Non-Listed Firms: When and How to Use Share Transfer Restrictions?', Suren Gomtsian, Issue 6, pp. 719–733
'COMIng, and Here to Stay: The Review of the European Insolvency Regulation', Geert van Calster, Issue 6, pp. 735–753
'Corporate Opportunities Doctrines Tested in the Light of the Theory of the Firm – a European (and US) Comparative Perspective', Marco Claudio Corradi, Issue 6, pp. 755–819
'Interlocking Directorates in the European Union: An Argument for Their Restriction', Vidir Petersen, Issue 6, pp. 821–864
'‘The Right to be Forgotten’ on a Swing', Mariusz Krzysztofek, Issue 6, pp. 865–878
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 879–882
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 883–885

'UK Referendum and Brexit Hypothesis: The Way Out Perspective and the Convenience to ‘Remain United’', Francesco Capriglione, Issue 7, pp. 887–901
'Jurisdiction, Enforcement and the Conflict of Laws in Cross-Border Commercial Disputes: What Are the Legal Consequences of Brexit?', Richard Aikens, Andrew Dinsmore, Issue 7, pp. 903–920
'The (Unclear) Impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom’s Membership in the European Economic Area', Ulrich Shroeter, Heinrich Nemeczek, Issue 7, pp. 921–958
'The Impact of Brexit on the Legal Framework for Cross-Border Corporate Activity', Andreas Kokkinis, Issue 7, pp. 959–987
'BREXIT and English Jurisdiction Agreements: The Post-Referendum Legal Landscape', Mukarrum Ahmed, Issue 7, pp. 989–998
'Brexit and the Consequences for Commercial and Financial Relations between the EU and the UK', Matthias Lehmann, Dirk Zetzsche, Issue 7, pp. 999–1027
'No-Man is an Island: UK and EU Banking Engagement after “Brexit”', Alan Brener, Issue 7, pp. 1029–1056
'Gentle Brexit, a very British Exit: EEA Membership as the Most Favourable Model to Secure Financial Services Passports', Francisco de la Peña, Issue 7, pp. 1057–1089
'The End of Bankers’ Bonus Cap: How Will the UK Regulate Bankers’', Longjie Lu, Issue 7, pp. 1091–1125

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