European Business Law Review

Volume 28 (2017)

'Editors’ Introduction', Mads Andenas, Giuseppe Bianco, Issue 1, pp. 1–3
'Credible Sovereign Ratings: Beyond Statistics and Regulations', Norbert J. Gaillard, Issue 1, pp. 5–18
'Bribes, Crimes and Law Enforcement', Erling Hjelmeng, Tina Søreide, Issue 1, pp. 19–40
'Regulating Fraud in Financial Markets: Can Behavioural Designs Prevent Future Criminal Offences?', Georg Haas, Lars Hornuf, Issue 1, pp. 41–54
'Crises Financières, Criminalité et Moralité', Jean de Maillard, Issue 1, pp. 55–67
'The “Santiago Principles” for Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Shortcomings and the Futility of Self-Regulation', Régis Bismuth, Issue 1, pp. 69–88
'Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: Monitoring the Implementation of FATF Recommendations', Bjørn Skogstad Aamo, Issue 1, pp. 89–97

'Introduction: The European Union as a Global (Legal) Role Model for Trade and Investment?', Luca Pantaleo, Mads Andenas, Issue 2, pp. 99–102
'Constitutional Aspects of the EU’s Global Actorness: Increased Exclusivity in Trade and Investment and the Role of the European Parliament', Ramses A. Wessel, Tamara Takács, Issue 2, pp. 103–117
'European Union’s Investment Agreements and Public Debt', Giuseppe Bianco, Issue 2, pp. 119–133
'Investment Arbitration under EU Investment Agreements: Is There a Role for an Autonomous EU Legal Order?', Hannes Lenk, Issue 2, pp. 135–162
'Investment Disputes under CETA: From Gold Standards to Best Practices?', Luca Pantaleo, Issue 2, pp. 163–184
'The Allocation of International Responsibility in the Context of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Established by EU International Agreements', Paolo Palchetti, Issue 2, pp. 185–195
'The Promotion of Sustainable Development through EU Trade Instruments', Wybe Th. Douma, Issue 2, pp. 197–216
'Promoting Renewable Energy in the EU: Shifting Trends in Member State Policy Space', Daniel Behn, Ole Kristian Fauchald, Laura Létourneau-Tremblay, Issue 2, pp. 217–243
'Towards a Future Investment Treaty: Lessons from Indirect Expropriation Cases due to Measures to Protect the Environmental and Public Health', Sukma Dwi Andrina, Issue 2, pp. 245–269

'G20 Economic Coordination and the Rule of Law: A Case of Taxation', Petr Blizkovsky, Issue 3, pp. 271–282
'A Framework for a Nordic Corporate Governance Index', Klaus R. Ilmonen, Issue 3, pp. 283–330
'The Relevance of Time in Framing the Sanctions Framework for Defective Disclosure', Konstantinos Sergakis, Issue 3, pp. 331–366
'Missives and Deposit in Scots Law: Diachronic and Comparative Reflections about the Concept of Arrha', Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese, Corrado Chessa, Issue 3, pp. 367–389
'Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study in Legal Perspectives', Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradt, Issue 3, pp. 391–402
'The Legal Regulation and Enforcement of Asymmetric Jurisdiction Agreements in the European Union', Mukarrum Ahmed, Issue 3, pp. 403–425

'The Robustness of EU Financial Crimes Legislation: A Critical Review of the EU and UK Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme', Ester Herlin-Karnell, Nicholas Ryder, Issue 4, pp. 427–446
'Governance of the European Banking Union’s Single Resolution Mechanism', Danny Busch, Issue 4, pp. 447–498
'Between Contract Law and Financial Regulation: Towards the Europeanisation of General Contract Law', Mads Andenas, Federico Della Negra, Issue 4, pp. 499–521
'Women on Corporate Boards: A Comparative Appraisal of Italian Law', Paola Monaco, Angelo Venchiarutti, Issue 4, pp. 523–545
'Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance in the UK', Jonathan Mukwiri, Issue 4, pp. 547–573
'Staggered Boards, Banks and Public Companies: Quo vadis ?', Andrea Sacco Ginevri, Issue 4, pp. 575–591
'Big Data Regulatory Debates in the EU', Faye Fangfei Wang, Issue 4, pp. 593–613

'The Emergence of Regulation: Market Failure, Subversion of Justice and Inadequacy of Private Law', Muhammed Korotana, Issue 5, pp. 615–633
'Bank Rescues and Legal Challenges: The Case of Bail In', Veronica Carriero, Issue 5, pp. 635–647
'Judicial Approaches to the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration', Masood Ahmed, Issue 5, pp. 649–666
'The Societas Europaea (SE) – Time to Start Over? Capturing the Zeitgeist of the 21st Century', Michala Meiselles, Marta Graute, Issue 5, pp. 667–688
'The AIIB and the EU: Legal Opportunities and Risks', Yen-Lin Agnes Chiu, Issue 5, pp. 689–711
'The Principle of Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Ireland’s Relationship with Europe', Shane Creamer, Issue 5, pp. 713–729
'Equity Release, Reverse Mortgage and Home Equity Conversion: Perspectives in Different Law Systems and Questions for Harmonization at EU Level', Giuseppe Settanni, Issue 5, pp. 731–746
'Is the Price Right?', Peter Shears, Peter Stonely, Issue 5, pp. 747–758

'Foreword: Liber Amicorum for Mads Andenas', Guido Alpa, Issue 6, pp. 759–760
'Foreword: A Miniature Vignette on and a Fervent Plea for Comparative Law', Gudula Deipenbrock, Issue 6, pp. 761–765
'European Union and National Referendums: Need for Change after the Brexit Vote?', Jukka Snell, Issue 6, pp. 767–784
'Trans-European Networks and the Effectiveness of National Permitting Procedures: A Practitioner’s View', Stefan Zleptnig, Issue 6, pp. 785–794
'Arbitrability of Competition Claims in Tort and the Principle of Effectiveness of EU Law', Renato Nazzini, Issue 6, pp. 795–808
'Regulating Bank Governance and the EU Capital Requirements Directive', Kern Alexander, Issue 6, pp. 809–828
'Striking a Fair Balance in UK Takeover Law: Market Interests, Power of Regulation, and Enforcement', Joseph Lee, Issue 6, pp. 829–846
'Is Internationalisation Going Too Far? – Constitutional Challenges of International Data Exchange Programmes', Maren Heidemann, Issue 6, pp. 847–878
'European Product Liability after Boston Scientific: An Assessment of the Court’s Judgment on Defect, Damage and Causation', Duncan Fairgrieve, Marcus Pilgerstorfer, Issue 6, pp. 879–910
'EU External Competences and the Participation to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision', Matteo Ortino, Issue 6, pp. 911–936
'Is there Scope for Reforming the Emaciated Concept of Fiduciary Law in Finance? Critically Discussing the Potential Achievements of Reform', Iris H-Y Chiu, Issue 6, pp. 937–966
'Index of Articles', Issue 6, pp. 967–970
'Index of Authors', Issue 6, pp. 971–974

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