European Business Law Review

Volume 8 (1997)

'Editorial', Susan Nicholas, Laurence Gormley, Issue 1, pp. 2–2
'The Creditors' Representative in French Insolvency', Paul J Omar, Issue 1, pp. 3–6
'The Netherlands', Bob Wessels, Issue 1, pp. 7–14
'Eurobrief - Current Comment', Julie Nazerali, Issue 1, pp. 15–18
'Eurobrief: News', Issue 1, pp. 18–29
'Case Notes', Issue 1, pp. 29–32

'EBLR and the Future of European Business Law', Mads Andenas, Barry Rider, Issue 2, pp. 34–34
'UIC Model of Securities Regulation', Eva Lomnicka, Jane Welch, Issue 2, pp. 35–44
'The Commission's state aid policy and airline restructuring: a 'one time' opportunity or never-ending story?', Rochus Mönter, Issue 2, pp. 45–48
'Irish Consumer Law: the European Influence', Howard Linnane, Issue 2, pp. 49–52
'Ins and outs of EMU - no grounds for discrimination', C S Kerse, Issue 2, pp. 53–56
'Company Law & Partnership', Issue 2, pp. 56–62
'Commercial Agcmts' Directive', Issue 2, pp. 63–64

'Corruption - Abroad and at Home', Mads Andenas, Issue 3, pp. 66–66
'1996: The Return of Francovich', Wolfram Irmer, Frank Wooldridge, Issue 3, pp. 67–74
'The Proof of Debt in French Insolvency Law', Paul J Omar, Issue 3, pp. 75–77
'Trafficking in Expropriated Property: Civil Liability under Helms Burton', Kern Alexander, Issue 3, pp. 78–79
'Application of US Antitrust Laws to Mergers and Joint Ventures in a Global Economy (1)', Howard Adler, David Laing, Issue 3, pp. 80–87
'Customs, Design Rights, Employment, Environment, EU Legislation, Industrial Benchmarking, Telecommunications, Trade, Taxation of Energy', Issue 3, pp. 87–92
'Case Notes', Issue 3, pp. 91–96

'EC Company Law, Corporate Governance, Directors' Liability and Employee Representation', Mads Andenas, Issue 4, pp. 98–98
'The Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Telecoms Market in the EU and Shortcomings in the German Legal Environment', Hans-Werner Moritz, Issue 4, pp. 99–107
'Liability of Service providers for Defamation in Cyberspace', John Middleton, Issue 4, pp. 108–111
'Application of US Antitrust Laws to mergers and joint Ventures in a Global Economy (2)', Howard Adler, David J Laing, Issue 4, pp. 112–128
'Company Law, Employment, Fraud, Small and Medium-Sizrd Enterprises (SMEs), Transport', Issue 4, pp. 119–123
'Equal Treatment, State Aid, Transfer of Undertakings, Opinions', Issue 4, pp. 123–128

'Access to environmental justice and its implications for the business world', Issue 5/6, pp. 130–130
'lndustry involved in EU environmental programmes', Issue 5/6, pp. 131–131
'Access to Environmental Justice before the European Court of Justice', Louise Gale, Issue 5/6, pp. 132–136
'The EC Definition of Waste: The Euro Tombesi Bypass and Basel Relief Routes', Geert Van Calster, Issue 5/6, pp. 137–143
'Litigating Foreign Eravironmental Damage in United States Courts', Dinath Shelton, Issue 5/6, pp. 144–147
'Access to Environmental Justice in a Country Applying for Membership in the European Union: The Case of Poland', Francesca Veneziano, Issue 5/6, pp. 148–156
'Hart Workshop 1997 Access to Justice and Freedom of Environmental Information', Cliona Kimber, Issue 5/6, pp. 157–164

'A Legal Analysis of the Euro Regulations', Sideek Mohamed, Issue 7/8, pp. 166–169
'Employees' Rights in Transfers of Undertakings in the European Union: the Süzen Case', Rechtsreferendar Christian Scholz, Issue 7/8, pp. 170–171
'Reliance on Commission Decisions in National Courts', D G Goyder, Issue 7/8, pp. 172–173
'Basic Keys to International Franchising', Eric Gastinel, Issue 7/8, pp. 174–176
'Reform of Environmental Assessment', Richard Harwood, Issue 7/8, pp. 177–177
'The Future of Telecommunications in Spain', Ruiz Calzado, Issue 7/8, pp. 178–181
'Book Reviews', Issue 7/8, pp. 182–184
'Consumer Contracts, Employment, Health & Safety, Public Procurement, State Aid, Taxation, Turkry', Issue 7/8, pp. 185–191
'Environment, Free Movement of Goods', Issue 7/8, pp. 191–192

''Economic Activity' and the EC Sixth Directive', Keith Loney, Issue 9, pp. 194–195
'Revised text of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law – an Appraisal', Jaime Llopis Juesas, Issue 9, pp. 196–197
'An Overview of Jordanian Investment Laws Set in a Larger Regional Context', Lu'ayy Minwer Al-Rimawi, Issue 9, pp. 198–201
'Stability and Growth Pact: Placebo or Panacea? (I)', F Amtenbrink, J de Haan, 0 C H M Sleijpen, Issue 9, pp. 202–210
'Eurobrief News', Issue 9, pp. 211–220

'De Agostini and the Regulation of Television Broadcasting', Jukka Snell, Issue 10, pp. 222–227
'Contracts and Monetary Union', William Blair, Issue 10, pp. 228–232
'Stability and Growth Pact: Placebo or Panacea? (II)', F Amtenbrink, J de Haan, O C H M Sleijpen, Issue 10, pp. 233–238
'The Contribution sf the EFTA Court to the Homogenous Development of the Law in the European Economic Area (1)', Carl Baudenbacher, Issue 10, pp. 239–248
'Eurobrief News', Issue 10, pp. 249–252

ISSUE 11/12
'The Contribution of the EFTA Court to the Homogenous Development of the Law in the European Economic Area (2)', Carl Baudenbacher, Issue 11/12, pp. 254–258
'New Competition Act in the Netherlands', Bob Wessels, Issue 11/12, pp. 259–262
'The Pitfalls of Credit Supply in France', Paul J . Omar, Issue 11/12, pp. 263–265
'Possible legal problems affecting financial transactions at the time of European Monetary Union', Sir Jonathan Mance, Issue 11/12, pp. 266–272
'The impact of the Asian Currency Crisis on European Growth Prospects', J H Dalhuisen, Issue 11/12, pp. 273–276
'Eurobrief News', Issue 11/12, pp. 277–280

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