European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 21 (2012)

'EU Enforcement of International Environmental Agreements: The Role of the European Commission', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 1, pp. 2–30
'Ecosystem Services. What's in it for a Lawyer?', Kathleen Mertens, An Cliquet, Bernard Vanheusden, Issue 1, pp. 31–40
'Regulating Nanomaterials. Bottlenecks and Perspectives in EU Legislation on Chemicals and Products', Elizabeth Vogelezang-Stoute, Issue 1, pp. 41–50

'Rationale for an Holistic Approach to the Land and Adjacent Sea in Response to Challenges Arising from Technological Development and the Effects of Global Warming: Planning in the Aquitorium', Teresa Parejo-Navajas, Issue 2, pp. 52–78
'Mind that Gap: International Climate Law, Health Protection and the United Kingdom's Climate Legislation', William Onzivu, Issue 2, pp. 79–91
'Strategic Environmental Assessment – Experience, Status and Directions', Mary Sabina Peters, Manu Kumar, Issue 2, pp. 92–98
'Book Review: Settlement of Investment Disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty, by T. Roe and M. Happold, J. Dingemans. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)', Riccardo Sciaudone, Issue 2, pp. 99–100
'Book Review: Resolving Messy Policy Problems: Handling Conflict in Environmental Transport, Health and Ageing Policy, by Steven Ney. Earthscan, (London 2009)', Andrew Walker, Issue 2, pp. 101–103

'The EU Emission Trading Scheme in Phase III and the New Californian Cap-and-Trade System: A Comparative Assessment', Gianni Lo Schiavo, Issue 3, pp. 106–122
'Regulating Better Biofuels for the European Union', Seita Romppanen, Issue 3, pp. 123–141
'Smart Grids: Legal Growing Pains', Ann-Sofie Vanwinsen, Issue 3, pp. 142–150
'An Inside View of the CAP Reform Process: Explaining the MacSherry, Agenda 2000 and Fischler Reforms, by Arlindo Cuhna and Alan Swinbank. (Oxford University Press, 2011)', Issue 3, pp. 151–154

'Recent Developments Regarding the EU Environmental Liability for Enterprises: Lessons Learned from Italy's Implementation of the “Raffinerie Mediterranee” Cases', Sandra Cassotta, Christophe Verdure, Issue 4, pp. 156–164
'Environmental Protection and Markets in Waste Management The Transposition of Directive 2008/98/EC into the Italian Legal System', Giovanna Mastrodonato, Issue 4, pp. 165–175
'Protection of the Health of Workers and the General Public under the Euratom Treaty and the EU Environmental Policy – the Ratio between Human Health Protection and Environmental Protection', Ilina Cenevska, Issue 4, pp. 176–187
'On Inuit and Judicial Protection in a Shared Legal Order', Jan H. Jans, Issue 4, pp. 188–191
'Book Review: Liquefied Natural Gas: The Law and Business of LNG, edited by Paul Griffin. (Second Edition, January 2012)', Kenneth E. Afe Aidelojie, Issue 4, pp. 192–194

'Extended Producer Responsibility in Waste Regulations in a Multilevel Global Approach: Nanotechnology as a Case Study', Sandra Cassotta, Issue 5, pp. 198–219
'Coherence in European Environmental Law with particular regard to the Industrial Emissions Directive', Joachim Sanden, Issue 5, pp. 220–238
'The Marine-Environment Protection Law 41/2010 as a New Planning Framework for Spanish Seas and Oceans. General Considerations, Structure, and Content of the Rule', Estanislao Arana Garcia, Issue 5, pp. 239–253
'Book Review: EU Energy Security in the Gas Sector, Evolving Dynamics, Policy Dilemmas and Prospects, by Filippos Proedrou. (2012)', Bagdagul Kaya Caner, Issue 5, pp. 254–255

'Ecosystem Services and the Rural Environment: Reforming European Agricultural Law', Brian Jack, Issue 6, pp. 258–273
'Greening the Economy through Design Incentives: Allocating Extended Producer Responsibility', Harri Kalimo, Reid Lifset, Chris van Rossem, Luk van Wassenhove, Atalay Atasu, Kieren Mayers, Issue 6, pp. 274–305
'Analysis of Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea under The Law of the Sea Regime 1982', Mary Sabina Peters, Manu Kumar, Issue 6, pp. 306–315
'EU Regulation of Effluent into Coastal Water by Reverse Osmosis Plants', Colienne Linard de Guertechin, Issue 6, pp. 316–326

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