European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 28 (2019)

'Mitigation and Compensation Measures under the EU Habitats Directive in Selected Member States', Lorenzo Squintani, Jacqueline Zijlmans, Dionne Annink, Sonja Mareike Hoffmann, Louis Tasset de Landtsheer, Dragomir Radoytsev, Jon Rakipi, Bob Roth, Aron Senoner, Issue 1, pp. 2–16
'Multilateral Environmental Agreements and EU Integration of Western Balkan States (Status of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia in Multilateral Environmental Agreements)', Dragoljub Todic, Issue 1, pp. 17–27
'Book review: Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources, by Elisa Morgera and Kati Kulovesi. (Edward Elgar (2016))', Nana Asare Obeng-Darko, Issue 1, pp. 28–31

'Renewable Energy Communities in the Law of the EU, Australia, and New Zealand', Maciej M. Sokołowski, Issue 2, pp. 34–46
'Access of an Environmental Organisation to Court in Light of the EU Standard Set by the Principle of Effective Legal (Judicial) Protection', Barbara Iwańsk, Mariusz Bara, Issue 2, pp. 47–66
'Climate Change Litigation in Germany An Overview of Politics, Legislation and Especially Jurisdiction regarding Climate Protection and Climate Damages', Wolfgang Kahl, Marie-Christin Daebel, Issue 2, pp. 67–76
'Book review: The Political Economy of Sustainable Development. by Timothy Cadman, Lauren Eastwood,et al. (Cheltenham, UK, 2017)', Francis N. Botchway, Issue 2, pp. 77–78
'Books for Review', Issue 2, pp. 79–79

'Implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Appropriate Assessment in Marina Developments from the Viewpoint of the Newest EU Member State', Lana Ofak, Issue 3, pp. 82–91
'SoS Back-and-Forth? Minimum v. Exhaustive Harmonization of the Right to be Protected Customers in Gas Supply Crises: Eni and Others', Lucila de Almeida, Issue 3, pp. 92–100
'The Legalization of Unpermitted Projects in the Light of Requirements of the EIA Directive', Marcin Pchalek, Issue 3, pp. 101–106
'Books for Review', Issue 3, pp. 107–107

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