European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 22 (2013)

'Environmental Law and Agroecology. Transdisciplinary Approach to Public Ecosystem Services as a New Challenge for Environmental Legal Doctrine', Massimo Monteduro, Issue 1, pp. 2–11
'Shale Gas – a Comparison of European Moratoria', Ruven Fleming, Issue 1, pp. 12–32
'The Erika Case: an Incitement to Rewrite the CLC', Vincent Rebeyrol, Issue 1, pp. 33–43

'A Regulatory Multilevel and Multidisciplinary Contextual Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) relevant to Greenland: Offshore Oil Drilling and the Imperfect Equation', Sandra Cassotta, Michael Evan Goodsite, Issue 2, pp. 46–69
'Bringing Together European Energy Markets: The New Regulation on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure (TEN-E)', Sven Fischerauer, Issue 2, pp. 70–78
'Achieving Sustainability through Effective Mechanisms of Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment', Mary Sabina Peters, Manu Kumar, Issue 2, pp. 79–82

'Nuclear Accidents: Human Rights Challenges in Criminal Proceedings', Robert Esser, Issue 3, pp. 86–100
'Mainstreaming after Lisbon: Advancing Animal Welfare in the EU Internal Market', Diane Ryland, Angus Nurse, Issue 3, pp. 101–115
'United States Court Upholds Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Coalition for Responsible Regulation, Inc. v. Environmental Protection Agency', Charles de Saillan, Issue 3, pp. 116–129

'Carbon Leakage and Competitiveness under the EU ETS', Joshua Prentice, Issue 4, pp. 132–140
'Adoption of Legislation on Shale Gas in France: Hesitation and/or Progress?', Christel Cournil, Issue 4, pp. 141–151
'Environmental Protection through Extra-judicial Means: The European Ombudsman's Contribution', Alexandros Tsadiras, Issue 4, pp. 152–160
'The Impact of the EU ETS on Flaring of Gas on the UK Continental Shelf', Mary Sabina Peters, Issue 4, pp. 161–165

'European Legal Framework on Distributed Energy Systems in the Built Environment', Simone Pront-van Bommel, Arjan Bregman, Issue 5, pp. 168–180
'Ad Lucem? Interpreting the New EU Energy Provision, and in particular the Meaning of Article 194(2) TFEU', Angus Johnston, Eva van der Marel, Issue 5, pp. 181–199
'The Pillars of Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis of their Status in Vicennial Environmental Conferences', Woong Kyu Sung, Issue 5, pp. 200–226

'From Environmental Insurance to Environmental Derivatives?', Sara Landini, Issue 6, pp. 228–234
'Potential Liability for Operators of Business Premises under Pertinent Provisions of Austrian Environmental Law', Nada Ina Pauer, Issue 6, pp. 235–244
'A Legal Assessment of the Producer Exemption from Transport Tariffs under EU Law', Alex Crespo van der Kooij, Saskia Lavrijssen, Issue 6, pp. 245–262

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