European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 26 (2017)

'Recycling and Utilisation of Carbon Dioxide in the European Union's Directives', Frédéric-Paul Piguet, Frédéric Meylan, Thierry Largey, Suren Erkman, Issue 1, pp. 2–12
'The Integration of Energy and Environment under the Paradigm of Sustainability threatened by the Hurdles of the Internal Energy Market', María Dolores Sánchez Galera, Issue 1, pp. 13–25
'Book Review: Oil and Gas Decommissioning: law, policy and comparative practice, Consulting editors: Marc Hammerson and Nicholas Antonas', Hafez Abdo, Issue 1, pp. 26–28
'Books for Review', Issue 1, pp. 29–30

'EU Cross-Border Energy Investments in an International Legal Context: In Between the Commodity Transportation, Transmission Infrastructure and Competitive Exemption Policy', Kristians Porins, Issue 2, pp. 32–50
'Does Environmental Law Encourage Obstruct Eco-Innovations? Evidence from Case Studies in the Netherlands', Jonathan Verschuuren, Issue 2, pp. 51–59
'Book Review: Capacity Mechanisms in the EU Energy Market: Law, Policy, and Economics, edited by Leigh Hancher, Adrien de Hauteclocque, and Malgorzata Sadowska', Jon Truby, Issue 2, pp. 60–62
'Book for Review', Issue 2, pp. 63–63

'Waste Prevention and Technologies in the Context of the EU Waste Framework Directive: Lost in Translation?', J. Malinauskaite, H. Jouhara, N. Spencer, Issue 3, pp. 66–80
'Transboundary Flood Risk Management: Compatibilities of the Legal Systems of Flood Risk Management in the Netherlands, Flanders and France ± A Comparison', Willemijn van Doorn-Hoekveld, Issue 3, pp. 81–96
'Book Review: The Ecology of Law. Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community, Fritjof Capra & Ugo Mattei', Maria Dolores Sánchez Galera, Issue 3, pp. 97–99
'Book for Review', Issue 3, pp. 100–100

'Ability of EU Legislation to Deter: the Volkswagen Case', Brecht Geebelen, Issue 4, pp. 102–110
'Capacity Mechanisms after the Commission's Winter Package', Junior Geysens, Issue 4, pp. 111–122
'Book Review: Shale Gas and Fracking: The Science Behind the Controversy by Michael Stephenson', Miriam Aczel, Issue 4, pp. 123–126
'Books for Review', Issue 4, pp. 127–127

'Review and Adjustment Under the UN-ECE Transboundary Air Pollution Treaty Regimes and the Implementing EU Legislation', Elena Fasoli, Issue 5, pp. 130–137
'Risks of Expanding the Geographical Scope of EU Energy Law', Kim Talus, Moritz Wüstenberg, Issue 5, pp. 138–147
'Book Review: The Science and Politics of Climate Change, by Andrew Dessler and Edward A. Parsons', Miriam Aczel, Issue 5, pp. 148–150
'Book for Review', Issue 5, pp. 151–151

'Arbitration in the EU Energy Sector: Recent Developments and Case Law', David Haverbeke, Raf Callaerts, Wouter Vandorpe, Issue 6, pp. 154–171
'Power to the Energy Consumers', S. Lavrijssen, Issue 6, pp. 172–187
'Book Review: The International Law of the Sea, by Donald R. Rothwell and Tim Stephens. (Bloomsbury (2016))', Jon Truby, Issue 6, pp. 188–189
'Book for Review', Issue 6, pp. 190–190

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