European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 4 (1995)

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom', Issue 1, pp. 2–8
'The 1994 Agreements Concerning the Protection of the Scheldt and Meuse Rivers', Axel Gosseries, Free Researcher, Issue 1, pp. 9–14
'Group Actions in Civil Lawsuits: The New Law in the Netherlands', P Klik, Issue 1, pp. 14–16
'Towards an EU Strategy for Integrated Coastal Zone Management', Sally Mullard, Issue 1, pp. 16–20
'Trade and Environment: an Update on the GATT Agenda', Bernard O'Connor, Anthony Van De Ven, Issue 1, pp. 20–23
'IPPC: Update on the German Presidency's Initiative', Jorn Schnutenhaus, Issue 1, pp. 23–25
'Publications', Issue 1, pp. 25–25
'Eurobrief', Issue 1, pp. 26–32

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 2, pp. 34–41
'The Enforcement of EC Directives against Suppliers of Public Senices', Richard Burnett-Hall, Issue 2, pp. 42–45
'Exemption from Harmonization Measures under Article 100a(4): The Second Authorization of the German Ban on PCP', Robert D. Sloan, Pascal Cardonnel, Issue 2, pp. 45–50
'The Proposed Directive on Ambient Air Quality Assessment and Management', Helen Mant, Issue 2, pp. 50–53
'The Future of Superfund Reform: A View from the United States', Popham Haik Schnobrich, Issue 2, pp. 53–54
'The Habitats Directive: Implementation in the Member States', Issue 2, pp. 55–55
'Eurobrief', Issue 2, pp. 56–63

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 3, pp. 66–73
'Plans and Prospects for the European Parliament in Shaping Future Environmental Policy', Ken Collins, Issue 3, pp. 74–77
'Amending the EC Directive on Environmental Impact Assessment', W R Sheate, Issue 3, pp. 77–82
'The Problematic EU Hazardous Waste List', Rod Hunter, Issue 3, pp. 83–88
'Successor Coporation Liability for Superfund Clean-up: A View from the United States', Popham Haik Schnobrich, Issue 3, pp. 89–89
'Eurobrief', Issue 3, pp. 90–96

'Country Reports: Greece, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 4, pp. 98–102
'Economic Instruments in German Environmental Policy', Jan C. Bongaerts, Issue 4, pp. 103–107
'State Aid and Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty: Does the Polluter Really Pay?', Jan H. Jans, Issue 4, pp. 108–113
'Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) to Enter into Force', Issue 4, pp. 113–114
'Enhanced Monitoring Requirements for Air Emission Sources in the United States', James A Mennell, Popham Haik Schnobrich, Issue 4, pp. 115–116
'Eurobrief', Issue 4, pp. 117–128

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 5, pp. 130–137
'Germany's New Waste Management Act - Towards the Management of Material Flows in Closed Substance Cycles', Susanne Hempen, Frank Jager, Issue 5, pp. 138–140
'A Legal Regime for the Clean-up of Contaminated Land: Lessons from Europe', Nicola Atkinson, Issue 5, pp. 141–144
'The Hunting of the Bird Species Brambling and Chaffinch in Italy: A Story of Inconsistencies', Maria Clara Maffei, Issue 5, pp. 145–147
'Draft Environmental Law in the Basque Country', Eva Lopez Tubia, Issue 5, pp. 148–150
'The European Energy Charter Treaty: Tipping the Balance between Energy and the Environment', Antonia Layard, Issue 5, pp. 150–156
'Eurobrief', Issue 5, pp. 157–160

'Country Reports: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom', Issue 6, pp. 162–169
'Ecobalances: Outlines of a General Regulation in Shaping Future Environmental Policy', Carsten Corino, Issue 6, pp. 170–175
'Environmental Assessment Law and the Role of the Development Banks', John Salter, Issue 6, pp. 175–183
'Eurobrief', Issue 6, pp. 183–192

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