European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 12 (2007)

'The EU, Arms Control and Armaments', ALYSON J.K. BAILES, Issue 1, pp. 1–6
'The European Union in Afghanistan: Lessons Learned', DR KLAUS-PETER KLAIBER, Issue 1, pp. 7–11
'Complementarity and Rivalry in EU?China Economic Relations in the Twenty-First Century', BERNADETTE ANDREOSSO O?CALLAGHAN, FRANÇOISE NICOLAS, Issue 1, pp. 13–38
'Janus Advances? An Analysis of EC Development Policy and the 2005 Amended Cotonou Partnership Agreement', AMELIA HADFIELD, Issue 1, pp. 39–66
'The Referendum in Montenegro: The EU?s ?Postmodern Diplomacy?', KARSTEN FRIIS, Issue 1, pp. 67–88
'Normative Power Europe and the Problem of a Legitimacy Deficit: An Israeli Perspective', GUY HARPAZ, Issue 1, pp. 89–109
'Book Review: EU International Relations Law, by Panos Koutrakos (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2006)', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 1, pp. 111–112
'Book Review: Les Défis d’une adhesion de la Turquie à l’Union Européenne [Challenges of the Accession of Turkey to the European Union] edited by Erwan Lannon and Joël Lebullenger (Bruylant, Brussels, 2006)', Mathias Vermeulen, Issue 1, pp. 112–114
'Book Review: The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union, by John O’Brennan. (Routledge, New York and London, 2006)', David Phinnemore, Issue 1, pp. 114–115
'Book Review: The Europeanization of Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Frank Schimmelfenning and Ulrich Sedelmeier. (CUP, Ithaca, 2005)', Andrea Gates, Issue 1, pp. 115–116
'Book Review: The European Union at the United Nations: Intersecting Multilateralisms, by Katie Verlin Laatikainen and Karen E. Smith. (Palgrave, Studies in European Union Politics, London, 2006)', Norrie MacQueen, Issue 1, pp. 116–118
'Jan Zielonka, Europe as Empire: The Nature of the Enlarged European Union', Roland Dannreuther, Issue 1, pp. 118–120

'The Stabilization and Association Process: The EU’s Soft Power at Its Best', Kolinda Grabar–Kitarović, Issue 2, pp. 121–125
'The Political and Security Committee: Governing in the Shadow', Ana E. Juncos, Christopher Reynolds, Issue 2, pp. 127–147
'Public Opinion and the Development of the European Security and Defence Policy', Kai Oppermann, Alexander Höse, Issue 2, pp. 149–167
'Mapping-Out the New Contractual Relations between the European Union and Its Neighbours: Learning from the EU–Ukraine ‘Enhanced Agreement’', Christophe Hillion, Issue 2, pp. 169–182
'‘Only through Enlargement’: The New European Myth?', Anastasios Giamouridis, Issue 2, pp. 183–202
'From Boundary to Borderland: Transforming the Meaning of Borders through the European Neighbourhood Policy', Michele Comelli, Ettore Greco, Nathalie Tocci, Issue 2, pp. 203–218
'To Build a State: Europeanization, EU Actorness and State-Building in Kosovo', Dimitris Papadimitriou, Petar Petrov, Labinot Greiçevci, Issue 2, pp. 219–238
'Book Review: Macht of mythe? Achter de schermen van het Chinese groeimirakel [Power or Myth? Behind the Screens of the Chinese Growth Miracle], by Gustaaf Geeraerts and Jonathan Holslag. (Brussels, VUBPRESS, 2006)', Sven Biscop, Issue 2, pp. 239–240
'Book Review: The New Security Environment: The Impact on Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Roger E. Kanet. (Ashgate, Aldershot/Burlington, 2005)', Derek Averre, Issue 2, pp. 240–242
'Book Review: Fusing with Europe? Sweden in the European Union, by Lee Miles. (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2005)', Clive Archer, Issue 2, pp. 242–243
'Book Review: Die Rolle der erweiterten Europäischen Union in der Welt [The Role of the Enlarged European Union in the World], edited by Peter-Christian Müller-Graf (Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2006)', Maximilian B. Rasch, Issue 2, pp. 243–245
'Book Review: Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: The New Imperative, by Wyn Rees. (Routledge, London and New York, 2006)', Monica den Boer, Issue 2, pp. 245–247

'The European Union in the Eyes of Others: Towards Filling a Gap in the Literature', Sonia Lucarelli, Issue 3, pp. 249–270
'The EU for Brazil: A Partner Towards a ‘Fairer’ Globalization?', Arlo Poletti, Issue 3, pp. 271–285
'That Elusive Object of Desire: Canadian Perceptions of the European Union', Osvaldo Croci, Livianna Tossutti, Issue 3, pp. 287–310
'China’s Views of Europe: A Maturing Partnership', Roberto Peruzzi, Arlo Poletti, Zhang Shuangquan, Issue 3, pp. 311–330
'Egyptian Views of the EU: Pragmatic, Paternalistic and Partnership Concerns', Soha Bayoumi, Issue 3, pp. 331–347
'Different Facets of a Strategic Partnership: How the EU is Viewed by Political and Business Elites, Civil Society and the Press in India', Lorenzo Fioramonti, Issue 3, pp. 349–362
'‘East is East, and West is West’: A Survey of EU Images in Japan’s Public Discourses', Natalia Chaban, Marco Kauffmann, Issue 3, pp. 363–384
'Imagining Europe: Internal and External Non-State Actors at the European Crossroads', Massimiliano Andretta, Nicole Doerr, Issue 3, pp. 385–400
'Altruism or Self-Interest? An Exploratory Study of the EU’s External Image in South Africa', Lorenzo Fioramonti, Gerrit Olivier, Issue 3, pp. 401–419
'Book Review: EU Enlargement and the Constitutions of Central and Eastern Europe, by Anneli Albi. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2005)', Dejan Jović, Issue 3, pp. 421–422
'Book Review: The European Union and its Neighbours: A Legal Appraisal of the EU’s Policies of Stabilisation, Partnership and Integration, by Steven Blockmans and Adam Lazowski. (TMC Asser Press, distributed by CUP, Cambridge, 2006)', Bart Van Vooren, Issue 3, pp. 422–424
'Book Review: L’européanisation de la defense [The Europeanization of Defence], edited by, Frédéric Charillon (Paris, Centre d’études en sciences socials de la défense, 2005)', Raphaël Mathieu, Issue 3, pp. 424–426
'Book Review: Constructing the Path to Eastern Enlargement: The Uneven Policy Impact of EU Identity, by Ulrich Sedelmeier (Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York, 2005)', Stuart Philip, Issue 3, pp. 426–427
'Book Review: Managing EU–US Relations: Actors, Institutions and the New Transatlantic Agenda, by Rebecca Steffenson. (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2005)', Michael Smith, Issue 3, pp. 427–429

'Transitional Arrangements for Enlargement', Willem van Eekelen, Issue 4, pp. 431–435
'The European Union and International Order: European and Global Dimensions', Michael Smith, Issue 4, pp. 437–456
'The External Dimension of EU Action in Criminal Matters', Valsamis Mitsilegas, Issue 4, pp. 457–497
'From Apology to Utopia: EU–ECP Economic Partnership Agreements Oscillating between WTO Conformity and Sustainability', Gerhard Thallinger, Issue 4, pp. 499–516
'Security Provider or Security Consumer? The European Union and Conflict Management', Esther Barbé, Benjamin Kienzle, Issue 4, pp. 517–536
'Reinforcing Ambivalence: The Interaction of Gulf States and the European Union', Abdullah Baabood, Geoffrey Edwards, Issue 4, pp. 537–554
'The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: The Role and Impact of theEconomic and Financial Dimension', Juliane Brach, Issue 4, pp. 555–579
'Book Review: Zivilmacht Europa? Leitlinien europäischer Aussenpolitik in der Analyse [Civilian Power Europe? An Analysis of European Foreign Policy Guidelines], by Michael Blauberger. (Tectum Verlag, Marburg, 2005)', Björn Koopmans, Issue 4, pp. 581–582
'Book Review: Divided West: European Security and the Transatlantic Relationship, by Tuomas Forsberg and Graeme P. Herd. (Chatham House/Blackwell, London, 2006)', Trevor Salmon, Issue 4, pp. 582–584
'Book Review: Adjusting to EU Enlargement: Recurring Issues in a New Setting, edited by Constantine A. Stephanou. (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2006)', Karen E. Smith, Issue 4, pp. 584–585
'Annual Index', Issue 4, pp. 587–592

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