European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 15 (2010)

'The European External Action Service: Living Forwards by Understanding Backwards', Sophie Vanhoonacker, Natasja Reslow, Issue 1, pp. 1–18
'EU Foreign Policy Cooperation: A Challenge for National Parliaments?', Flavia Zanon, Issue 1, pp. 19–38
'From Frontier to Boundary and Back Again: The European Union’s Maritime Margins', Basil Germond, Issue 1, pp. 39–55
'Competing Visions for the European Union Grand Strategy', Pascal Vennesson, Issue 1, pp. 57–75
'Europe’s Way to Energy Security: The Outer Dimension of Energy Security: From Power Politics to Energy Governance', Florian Baumann, Issue 1, pp. 77–95
'The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy in the UN Security Council: Between Representation and Coordination', Daniele Marchesi, Issue 1, pp. 97–114
'A Litmus Test for the European Union? The EU’s Response to the Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1996 to the 2006 Elections', Giulia Piccolino, Issue 1, pp. 115–136
'Book Review: EU Foreign Relations Law: Constitutional Fundamentals, edited by Marise Cremona & Bruno De Witte. (Oxford and Portland, Hart, 2008)', Rafael Leal-Arcas, Issue 1, pp. 137–138
'Book Review: L’Union européenne et la sécurité internationale: théories et pratiques [The European Union and International Security: Theories and Practices], by René Schwok & Frédéric Mérand. (Louvain-laneuve, Academia Bruylant; Genève, Université de Genève, 2009)', Skander Nasra, Issue 1, pp. 138–139
'Book Review: Trade, Poverty and the Environment: The EU, Cotonou and the African-Caribbean – Pacific Bloc, by Adrian Flint. (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)', Angelos Sepos, Issue 1, pp. 139–140
'Book Review: Der fragmentierte europäische Verteidigungsmarkt. Sektoranalyse und Handlungsoptionen [The Fragmented European Defence Market – Sectoral Analysis and Policy Options], by Florian Bertges. (Frankfurt, Peter Lang, 2007)', Thomas Teichler, Issue 1, pp. 141–142

'The Rejection of the EU-US SWIFT Interim Agreement by the European Parliament: A Historic Vote and Its Implications', Jörg Monar, Issue 2, pp. 143–151
'The Effects of the Lisbon Treaty on the Principles and Objectives of the Common Commercial Policy', Angelos Dimopoulos, Issue 2, pp. 153–170
'The EU Security Strategy Revised: Europe Hedging Its Bets', Asle Toje, Issue 2, pp. 171–190
'Engaging Russia: Prospects for a Long-Term European Security Compact', Riccardo Alcaro, Emiliano Alessandri, Issue 2, pp. 191–207
'The Role of the European Union’s Expert Assistance in the Process of Peace-Building: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina', Anze Voh Bostic, Issue 2, pp. 209–225
'State Building without a State: The EU’s Dilemma in Defining Its Relations with Kosovo', Wolfgang Koeth, Issue 2, pp. 227–247
'The European Union and ‘Supervised Independence’ of Kosovo: A Strategic Solution to the Kosovo/Serbia Conflict?', Giovanna Bono, Issue 2, pp. 249–264
'Protecting European Law from International Law', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 2, pp. 265–282
'Book Review: Union Européenne et Sécurité: Aspects Internes et Externes [European Union and Security: Internal and External Aspects], by Catherine Flaesch-Mougin. (Brussels: Bruylant, 2009)', Björn Koopmans, Issue 2, pp. 283–284
'Book Review: Gestion de Crise, Maintien et Consolidation de la Paix. Acteurs, Activités, Défi s [Crisis Management, Peacekeeping and Consolidation of Peace. Actors, Actions, Challenges] , by Thierry Tardy. (Brussels: De Boeck, 2009)', Björn Koopmans, Issue 2, pp. 285–286

'EU-US Cooperation in the European Neighbourhood: Institutional Divergence and Normative Convergence', Fabrizio Tassinari, Issue 3, pp. 287–306
'How to Rebalance the EU-Russia Relationship: Potential and Limits', Ana Maria Morgado Dos Santos, Issue 3, pp. 307–324
'External State Partners in ESDP Missions: Third Country Participation in EU Crisis Management', Csaba Törő, Issue 3, pp. 325–345
'Benign Partner or Benign Master? – Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations between the European Union and the Pacific Islands', Linda Sheahan, Natalia Chaban, Ole Elgström, Martin Holland, Issue 3, pp. 347–366
'When Even Machiavelli’s Prince Needs a Visa Migration, Euro-Mediterranean Relations and Intercultural Dialogue', Elspeth Guild, Issue 3, pp. 367–384
'Sub-regional Cooperation around the Mediterranean and the Role of the EU', Michele Comelli, Issue 3, pp. 385–401
'Book Review: L’Union Européenne et la Montée du Régionalisme: Exemplarité et Partenariats [The European Union and the Rise of Regionalism: Source of Inspiration and Active Promoter], edited by Christian Franck, Jean-Christophe Defraigne & Virginie de Moriamé. (Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia-Bruylant, 2009)', Francis Baert, Issue 3, pp. 403–404
'Book Review: External Perceptions of the European Union as a Global Actor, by Sonia Lucarelli, Lorenzo Fioramonti et al.. (Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2010)', Sarah Delputte, Issue 3, pp. 404–406
'Book Review: The European Union and International Organizations, edited by Knud Erik Jørgensen. (London and New York: Routledge, 2009)', Edith Drieskens, Issue 3, pp. 406–407
'Book Review: L’Europe de la Défense: Le Choeur du Débat [European Defence: The Heart of the Debate], by Jean-François Morel & Alastair Cameron. (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2009)', Pieter-Jan Parrein, Issue 3, pp. 407–409

'Is Europe a Risk Averse Actor?', Zaki Laïdi, Issue 4, pp. 411–426
'The New EU ‘Foreign Policy’ System after Lisbon: A Work in Progress', Antonio Missiroli, Issue 4, pp. 427–452
'The EU as a ‘Strategic’ International Actor: Substantial and Analytical Ambiguities', Annegret Bendiek, Heinz Kramer, Issue 4, pp. 453–474
'Multilateral Leadership at the UN after the Lisbon Treaty', Katie Verlin Laatikainen, Issue 4, pp. 475–493
'Forging EU Foreign Policy Unity from Diversity: The ‘Unique Case’ of the Kosovo Status Talks', Spyros Economides, James Ker-Lindsay, Issue 4, pp. 495–510
'The 2009 Russian-Ukrainian Gas Dispute: Lessons for European Energy Crisis Management after Lisbon', Sijbren de Jong, Jan Wouters, Steven Sterkx, Issue 4, pp. 511–538
'Promoting Democracy in Algeria and Tunisia? Some Hard Choices for the EU', Melanie Morisse-Schilbach, Issue 4, pp. 539–555
'Document – Council Decision of 26 July 2010 establishing the organization and functioning of the European External Action Service (2010/427/EU)', Issue 4, pp. 557–576
'Book Review: Europa: strategie voor een wereldmacht [Europe: Strategy for a World Power], by Sven Biscop. (Ghent: Academia Press, 2010)', Edith Drieskens, Issue 4, pp. 577–578
'Book Review: Uneasy Neighbors: Israel and the European Union, by Sharon Pardo & Joel Peters. (Lanham, Rowan & Littlefi eld, 2010)', Simon J. Smith, Issue 4, pp. 578–579

'The Post-normative Turn in European Union (EU)-Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Relations: An Introduction', Francesco Cavatorta, Michelle Pace, Issue 5, pp. 581–587
'Developing Polyarchy? The European Union and Its Structural Policies for Middle Eastern Neighbours', Patrick Holden, Issue 5, pp. 589–609
'Interrogating the European Union’s Democracy Promotion Agenda: Discursive Configurations of ‘Democracy’ from the Middle East', Michelle Pace, Issue 5, pp. 611–628
'The European Union’s Critical Engagement with the Syrian Arab Republic', Francesco Cavatorta, Arantza Gomez Arana, Issue 5, pp. 629–644
'The European Union in Yemen: The Triumph of Pragmatism over Normativity?', Vincent Durac, Issue 5, pp. 645–661
'European Neighbourhood Policy, Post-normativity, and Pragmatism', Peter Seeberg, Issue 5, pp. 663–679
'Normative and Technical Power at the EU-Moroccan Interface: The Islamization of the North as a Response to the Democratization of the South', Frédéric Volpi, Issue 5, pp. 681–695
'The European Union and the Middle East: Pragmatism, Post-normativity, and International Law', Urfan Khaliq, Issue 5, pp. 697–715
'Resisting Resistance: Examining the Shifting Balance of Threats in the Middle East', Hazem Kandil, Issue 5, pp. 717–737
'Article Index', Issue 5, pp. 739–742
'Book Reviews', Issue 5, pp. 743–744

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