European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 19 (2014)

'The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Security in Asia', Michael Reiterer, Issue 1, pp. 1–21
'Reflections on the EEAS Review', Simon Duke, Issue 1, pp. 23–44
'The EU’s Non-proliferation Strategy Ten Years On', Andrew Cottey, Issue 1, pp. 45–63
'The EU and the Shifts of Power in the International Order: Challenges and Responses', Sebastian Santander, Issue 1, pp. 65–81
'When Jumbo Jets Share the Sky: Civil Aviation in the European Union and the United States of America', Justin Margolis, Issue 1, pp. 83–100
'The European Union’s Gateways to the Arctic', Kathrin Keil, Andreas Raspotnik, Issue 1, pp. 101–120
'Constraint and Consent in the Transfer of European Rules: The Case of China', Mathieu Rousselin, Issue 1, pp. 121–140

'The European Parliament as an International Parliamentary Institution (IPI)', Andrea Cofelice, Stelios Stavridis, Issue 2, pp. 145–178
'EU Foreign Policy in Times of the Financial and Debt Crisis', Ronja Kempin, Marco Overhaus, Issue 2, pp. 179–194
'External Perceptions of the EU during the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis', Natalia Chaban, Ana-Maria Magdalina, Issue 2, pp. 195–220
'‘On the Slow Train to Nowhere?’ The European Union, ‘Enlargement Fatigue’ and the Western Balkans', John O’Brennan, Issue 2, pp. 221–241
'The Eastern Partnership: Soft Power Strategy or Policy Failure?', Kristian L. Nielsen, Maili Vilson, Issue 2, pp. 243–262
'More for More, Less for Less – More or Less: A Critique of the EU’s Arab Spring Response à la Cinderella', Jan Claudius Völkel, Issue 2, pp. 263–281
'CSDP Police Missions: Comparing Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches', Anna Moore, Issue 2, pp. 283–305
'Member States Prior Agreements and Newly EU Attributed Competence: What Lesson from Foreign Investment', Luca Pantaleo, Issue 2, pp. 307–324
'Book Review: The EU’s Foreign Policy: What Kind of Power and Diplomatic Action? Edited by Mario Telò and Frederik Ponjaert (Farnham:Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013)', George Christou, Issue 2, pp. 325–327

'Guest Editorial: The EU’s External Action: Moving to the Frontline', David O’Sullivan, Issue 3, pp. 329–333
'Normative Power Europe? The European Union in the Negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement with India', Tobias Leeg, Issue 3, pp. 335–355
'Communicative Power Europe? How the EU Copes with Opposition in International Negotiations', Diana Panke, Issue 3, pp. 357–371
'Examining the Discretion of the EEAS: What Power to Act in the EU-Moldova Association Agreement?', Hrant Kostanyan, Issue 3, pp. 373–392
'Do Sanctions Strengthen the International Presence of the EU?', Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis, Issue 3, pp. 393–410
'The International Missions in Kosovo: What is in a Name?', Vjosa Musliu, Jan Orbie, Issue 3, pp. 411–428
'Approximation of Laws under the European Neighbourhood Policy: The Challenges that Lie Ahead', Guy Harpaz, Issue 3, pp. 429–452
'Strategic Patience and EU Reform-Support. EU and the ‘Arab Spring’: The State of Play after Three Years', Peter Seeberg, Issue 3, pp. 453–470
'Book Review: The EU’s Democracy Promotion and the Mediterranean Neighbourhood: Orientation, Ownership and Dialogue in Jordan and Turkey, by Ann-Kristin Jonasson. (Routledge, London and New York, 2013)', Mike Mannin, Issue 3, pp. 471–472
'Book Review: The Politico-Military Dynamics of European Crisis Response Operations: Planning, Friction, Strategy, by Alexander Mattelaer. (Palgrave-Macmillan, London, 2013)', Neil Winn, Issue 3, pp. 473–475
'Book Review: The Mediterranean Dimension of the European Union’s Internal Security, by Sarah Wolf. (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)', Kıvanç Ulusoy, Issue 3, pp. 475–477

'EU-China Relations and Diplomacy: Introductory Note', Jing Men, Issue 3/1, pp. 1–3
'Is There A Strategic Partnership between the EU and China?', Jing Men, Issue 3/1, pp. 5–17
'EU-China Discourse on Multipolarity and Multilateralism: Mutual Interaction?', David Scott, Issue 3/1, pp. 19–34
'‘Soft Diplomacy’ and People-to-People Dialogue between the EU and the PRC', Matthieu Burnay, Joëlle Hivonnet, Kolja Raube, Issue 3/1, pp. 35–55
'EU-China Economic Diplomacy: When Economics Meets Politics', Xiaotong Zhang, Issue 3/1, pp. 57–76
'EU Soft Power with China: Technical Assistance in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights', Paul C. Irwin Crookes, Issue 3/1, pp. 77–96
'Beyond Competition: Past, Present and Future on EU-China Science and Technology Collaboration', Albert C.T. Li, Ching Chun Chang, Issue 3/1, pp. 97–117
'Challenges of European Union Climate Diplomacy: The Case of China', Diarmuid Torney, Issue 3/1, pp. 119–134
'The Role of Culture in EU-China Relations', Michael Reiterer, Issue 3/1, pp. 135–153
'EU-China Education Diplomacy: An Effective Soft Power Strategy?', Natalie Yan Hong, Issue 3/1, pp. 155–171

'Guest Editorial: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union', Pierre Marc Johnson, Issue 4, pp. 479–482
'The Implications of the Euro Crisis for European Foreign Policy- Lessons from Crisis Management and International Trade', Björn Fägersten, Issue 4, pp. 483–502
'EU Failures in Economic Relations: The Case of Israel and Palestine', Alastair Livingston, Issue 4, pp. 503–518
'The Impact of Institutional Change on Foreign Policy-Making: The Case of the EU Horn of Africa Strategy', Thomas Henökl, Christian Webersik, Issue 4, pp. 519–537
'The EU as a Global Health Actor: Policy Coherence, Health Diplomacy and WHO Reform', Samantha Battams, Louise van Schaik, Remco van de Pas, Issue 4, pp. 539–561
'Caring for Citizens Abroad: The European Union and Consular Tasks', Jan Wouters, Sanderijn Duquet, Katrien Meuwissen, Issue 4, pp. 563–580
'The Underpinning Realpolitik of the EU’s Policies towards Ukraine: An Analysis of Interests and Norms in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement', Nicholas Ross Smith, Issue 4, pp. 581–596
'Book Review: The EU as a Global Security Actor: a Comprehensive Analysis beyond CFSP and JHA, by Christian Kaunert & Kamil Zwoslki. (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2013)', Lena Sucker, Issue 4, pp. 597–599
'Book Review: Winds of Democratic Change in the Mediterranean? Processes, Actors and Possible Outcomes, edited by Stefania Panebianco & Rosa Rossi. (Soveria Mannelli, CZ: Rubbettino Editore, 2012)', Caterina Carta, Issue 4, pp. 599–602
'Book Review: Economic Relations between Australia and the European Union: Law and Policy, by G.Villalta Puig. (Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2014)', Nathan Tamblyn, Issue 4, pp. 602–605
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 607–612

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