European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 20 (2015)

'Guest Editorial: China-EU Partnership Reinforces Asia-Europe Cooperation', Yang Yanyi, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Minding the Gap between Words and Deeds: Towards a New EU Strategy on Security', Håkan Edström, Dennis Gyllensporre, Issue 1, pp. 3–22
'Conceptualizing EU Crisis Management', Nikolay Pavlov, Issue 1, pp. 23–42
'The European Union and the Central American Common Market Signs an Association Agreement: Pragmatism versus Values?', Arantza Gomez Arana, Issue 1, pp. 43–63
'The EU in the Mediterranean: Between Its International Identity and Member States’ Interests', Justyna Zajac, Issue 1, pp. 65–82
'Europeanization and ‘Internalized’ Conflicts: The Case of Cyprus', George Kyris, Issue 1, pp. 83–96
'Order-Maintenance in Kosovo: The EU as an Increasingly Comprehensive Police Actor?', Stephen Rozée, Issue 1, pp. 97–114
'The External Activities of AFSJ Agencies: The Weakness of Democratic and Judicial Controls', Juan Santos Vara, Issue 1, pp. 118–136
'Book Review: A Cimeira das Lajes: Portugal, Espanha e a Guerra do Iraque, by Bernardo Pires de Lima. (Lisbon:Tinta da China, 2013)', Bruno Oliveira Martins, Issue 1, pp. 137–139
'Book Review: Turkey and the EU: Accession and Reform, edited by Gamze Avci and Ali Çarkoglu. (Abingdon: Routledge, 2013)', David Phinnemore, Issue 1, pp. 140–141
'Book Review: EU Strategies on Governance Reform, edited by Will Hout. (Routledge, Abingdon, 2013)', Christos Kourtelis, Issue 1, pp. 141–144

'Guest Editorial: Mexico Today: Structural Reforms and the Mexico-EU Partnership', Juan José Gómez Camacho, Issue 2, pp. 149–153
'Editorial Comment: Opinion 2/13 on the Accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights – Foreign Policy Implications', Nanette Neuwahl, Issue 2, pp. 155–157
'Military in Mali: The EU’s Action against Instability in the Sahel Region', Chantal Lavallée, Jan Claudius Völkel, Issue 2, pp. 159–185
'The Diffusion of the EU Asylum Acquis in the Eastern Neighbourhood: ATest for the EU’s Normative Power', Sergo Mananashvili, Issue 2, pp. 187–206
'The EU Funding of Israeli Non-governmental Human Rights Organizations: When EU External Governance Meets a Domestic Counter-Strategy', Guy Harpaz, Issue 2, pp. 207–225
'Patterns of Transnational Partisan Contestation of European Foreign Policy', Angelos-Stylianos Chryssogelos, Issue 2, pp. 227–245
'The Uniqueness of the EU Humanitarian Aid Policy between Sovereignty and Humanitarian Concerns', Francesca Pusterla, Elia Pusterla, Issue 2, pp. 247–266
'EUFOR RCA and CSDP Crisis Management Operations: Back on Track?', Tim Haesebrouck, Melanie Van Meirvenne, Issue 2, pp. 267–285
'The European Union and Civilian Crisis Management after Lisbon', Nicoletta Pirozzi, Issue 2, pp. 287–306
'Book Review: EU External Relations Law – Text, Cases and Materials, by Bart van Vooren & Ramses A. Wessel. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014)', Nanette Neuwahl, Issue 2, pp. 307–309

'Studying Resistance to EU Norms in Foreign and Security Policy', Sabine Saurugger, Fabien Terpan, Issue 2/1, pp. 1–20
'Resisting the European External Action Service', Karolina Pomorska, Sophie Vanhoonacker, Issue 2/1, pp. 21–37
'Member States Resistance to EU Foreign Policy Sanctions', Clara Portela, Issue 2/1, pp. 39–61
'Member States Resistance to the EU Operations Centre', Fiona Schnell, Fabien Terpan, Issue 2/1, pp. 63–82
'The European Defence Agency and the Member States: Public and Hidden Transcripts', Mai’a K. Davis Cross, Issue 2/1, pp. 83–102
'EU3 Resistance to Norms in External Action: The Case of the (Future) Borders of Israel and Palestine', Caroline du Plessix, Issue 2/1, pp. 103–121
'Resisting Legal Facts: Are CFSP Norms as Soft as They Seem?', Ramses A. Wessel, Issue 2/1, pp. 123–145

'Guest Editorial: A Vital Partnership: US-EU Relations Are Increasingly Significant in Global Affairs', Anthony Luzzatto Gardner, Issue 3, pp. 311–314
'EU Sanctions in Response to Intra-state Conflicts: A Comparative Approach', Iva Kopraleva, Maarten P. Vink, Issue 3, pp. 315–336
'The Social Dimension of the EU-China Relationship: A Normative and Pragmatic European Approach?', Hang Yuan, Jan Orbie, Issue 3, pp. 337–355
'The Semantics of ‘Civil’: The EU, Civil Society and the Building of Democracy in Tunisia', Valérie Julie Boiten, Issue 3, pp. 357–377
'Coherence in the EU’s External Human Rights Policy: The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo', Lieselot Verdonck, Issue 3, pp. 379–397
'Beyond Intergovernmental Cooperation: The Influence of the European Parliament and the Commission on EU Foreign and Security Policies', Marianne Riddervold, Guri Rosén, Issue 3, pp. 399–417
'Politicization of Humanitarian Aid in the European Union', Charlotte Dany, Issue 3, pp. 419–437
'Lost in Transformation: Explaining the EU’s Non-adaptive Approach to Regional Conflicts', Eva Scherwitz, Giovanni Faleg, Issue 3, pp. 439–456
'Book Review: European Union Foreign Policy in a Changing World, by Karen E. Smith. Fully Revised and Expanded Third Edition (Cambridge: Polity, 2014)', Erik De Bom, Issue 3, pp. 457–459
'Book Review: The Success of Sanctions: Lessons Learned from the EU Experience, by Francesco Giumelli (Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate, 2013)', Martina Fürrutter, Issue 3, pp. 459–462
'Book Review: The EU, ASEAN and Interregionalism: Regionalism Support and Norm Diffusion between the EU and ASEAN, by Laura Allison (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)', Issue 3, pp. 462–464

'Enhancing Regional Dialogue and Cooperation within the Framework of the Union for the Mediterranean', Fathallah Sijilmassi, Issue 4, pp. 465–470
'An Incompetent Actor? Assessing EU External Migration Policy', Natasja Reslow, Issue 4, pp. 471–493
'The EU, Non-state Actors, and Peace-Support Policies in the Western Balkans', Rosa Rossi, Issue 4, pp. 495–516
'EU Bridging Operation in Support of AU and UN Missions in the Central African Republic', Csaba Törö, Issue 4, pp. 517–533
'The CFSP and Other EU Policies: A Difference in Nature?', Christina Eckes, Issue 4, pp. 535–552
'The European Union and the African Union: A Strategic Partnership?', Conrad Rein, Issue 4, pp. 553–571
'The NAPCI in the Volatile Security Environment of North-East Asia: Which Role for the European Union?', Michael Reiterer, Issue 4, pp. 573–589
'The EU’s Performance in the 2015 NPT Review Conference: What Went Wrong', Megan Dee, Issue 4, pp. 591–608
'Book Review', Maja Savevska, Issue 4, pp. 609–611
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 613–618

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