European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 24 (2019)

'The EU Humanitarian Aid Policy: Progress and Challenges', Monique Pariat, Issue 1, pp. 1–6
'Engaging the US in the Age of Trump: The Case for a New European Strategic Discourse', Torgeir E. Fjærtoft, Issue 1, pp. 7–25
'The Court of Justice’s Difficulty with Reviewing Smart Sanctions as Illustrated by Rosneft', Heleen Over De Linden, Issue 1, pp. 27–42
'Reactive Power EU: Russian Aggression and the Development of an EU Arctic Policy', Marianne Riddervold, Mai’a K. Davis Cross, Issue 1, pp. 43–60
'Non-Parliamentary Diplomacy: The European Parliament’s Diplomatic Mission to Ukraine', Lorinc Redei, Iulian Romanyshyn, Issue 1, pp. 61–79
'Mediating Investor-State Disputes in Free Trade Agreements: An Evaluation of the EU’s Proposal', Alexandra Goetz-Charlier, Issue 1, pp. 81–100
'The Serbia Kosovo Dispute and the European Integration Perspective', Arben Hajrullahu, Issue 1, pp. 101–120

'Introduction: Trends, Patterns and Challenges for International Cooperation in Cyberspace', Patryk Pawlak, Antonio Missiroli, Issue 2, pp. 125–133
'The Dark Side of the Web: Cyber as a Threat', Antonio Missiroli, Issue 2, pp. 135–152
'Co-operation: A Key to NATO’s Cyberspace Endeavour', Neil Robinson, Chelsey Slack, Issue 2, pp. 154–166
'The EU’s Role in Shaping the Cyber Regime Complex', Patryk Pawlak, Issue 2, pp. 167–186
'Confidence Building Measures and ICT', Camino Kavanagh, Laura Crespo, Issue 2, pp. 187–202
'International Cooperation on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations', François Delerue, Issue 2, pp. 203–216
'Let Them Roar: Small States as Cyber Norm Entrepreneurs', Liisi Adamson, Issue 2, pp. 217–234

'Foreword', David O’Sullivan, Issue 2/1, pp. 1–2
'Broadening Soft Power in EU-US Relations', Simon Schunz, Giles Scott-Smith, Luk Van Langenhove, Issue 2/1, pp. 3–19
'Transatlantic Cultural Relations, Soft Power, and the Role of US Cultural Diplomacy in Europe', Giles Scott-Smith, Issue 2/1, pp. 21–41
'Diversity without Unity: The European Union’s Cultural Diplomacy vis-à-vis the United States', Simon Schunz, Riccardo Trobbiani, Issue 2/1, pp. 43–62
'Evolution of Science Diplomacy and Its Local-Global Applications', Paul Arthur Berkman, Issue 2/1, pp. 63–79
'The EU’s Approach to Transatlantic Science and Research Relations: Between ‘Laissez Faire’ and ‘Science Diplomacy’', Heiko Prange-Gstöhl, Issue 2/1, pp. 81–98
'Higher Education Diplomacy in Transatlantic Relations: A US Perspective', Laura E. Rumbley, Lucia Brajkovic, Robin Matross Helms, Issue 2/1, pp. 99–118
'Rhythms of Soft Power Influence and Transatlantic Higher Education Relations', Richard Higgott, Elke Boers, Issue 2/1, pp. 119–136

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