European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 5 (2000)

'Guest Editorial: Europe and Latin America: The Challenge of a Strategic Partnership', Luis Xavier Grisanti, Issue 1, pp. 1–7
'The EU, Trade, Environment and Unilateralism: Passing the Buck', Geert Van Calster, Issue 1, pp. 9–34
'Mediterranean Challenges to the EU's Foreign Policy', Stelios Stavridis, Justin Hutchence, Issue 1, pp. 35–62
'The Eastward Enlargement of the EU: A New Economic Diplomacy for a United Europe', Glen Segell, Issue 1, pp. 63–93
'Conditionality and EU Membership: The Cases of Turkey and Cyprus', Jolanda Van Westering, Issue 1, pp. 95–118
'Documents Section: Common Actions and Positions Adopted During 1999 by the Council of the European Union in the Framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (as at 31 December 1999)', Issue 1, pp. 119–124
'S. Senior Nello and K. E. Smith, The European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: The Implications of Enlargement in Stages, Ashgate, Aldershot 1999.', Milada Anna Vachudova, Issue 1, pp. 125–125
'Charles Jenkins, Paying for an Enlarged European Union, Kogan Page, London, 1999.', Alain Henriot, Issue 1, pp. 125–126
'Philomena Murray and Leslie Homes (eds.), Europe: Rethinking the Boundaries, Ashgate, Aldershot, 1998.', Hans Mackenstein, Issue 1, pp. 126–127

'Guest Editorial: The Accession of Poland to the European Union', Stanislaw Komorowski, Issue 2, pp. 131–137
'The EU–US Conflict over Sanctions Policy: Confronting the Hegemon', Andreas Falke, Issue 2, pp. 139–163
'European–Russian Partnership: What Future?', Heinz Timmermann, Issue 2, pp. 165–174
'Lomé and Post-Lomé: Asymmetric Negotiations and the Impact of Norms', Ole Elgström, Issue 2, pp. 175–195
'The Demise of the Lomé Protocols: Revising European Development Policy', Anna K. Dickson, Issue 2, pp. 197–214
'The European Parliament in EU External Relations: The Customs Union with Turkey', Stefan Krauss, Issue 2, pp. 215–237
'Explanatory Statement: European Parliament Report on the Communication from the Commission on the Stabilisation and Association process for countries of South-Eastern Europe', Issue 2, pp. 239–248
'Explanatory Statement: Report on the Western Balkans Presented to the Lisbon European Council by the Secretary General/High Representative together with the Commission – Brussels, 21 March 2000', Issue 2, pp. 249–259
'Tanguy de Wilde d'Estmael La dimension politique des relations économiques extérieures de la Communauté européenne: Sanctions et incitants économiques comme moyens de politique étrangére, Establiaassements Emile Bruylant, S.A.: Bruxelles 1998.', Thomas Cottier, Issue 2, pp. 261–264
'Frances Brwell and Ivo H. Daalder (eds.),The United States and Europe in the Global Area, Macmillan, London 1999.', Peter van Ham, Issue 2, pp. 265–266
'Filippos Pierros, Jacob Meunie and Stan Abrams, Bridges and Barriers: The European Union's Mediterranean Policy, 1961–1988, Ashgate, Aldershot 1998.', Stelios Stavridis, Issue 2, pp. 267–268
'Fraser Cameron, The Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union – Past, Present and Future, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield 1999.', Juliet Lodge, Issue 2, pp. 269–270
'Ben Soetendorp, Foreign Policy in the European Union, Longman, London and New York 1999.', Geoffrey Edwards, Issue 2, pp. 271–272
'Charles-Philipe David and Jacques Lévesque (eds), The Future of NATO: Enlargement, Russia and European Security, McGill-Quenn's University Press, Montreal and Kingston 1999.', Pavel K. Baev, Issue 2, pp. 272–275

'Guest Editorial: Europe's Common Foreign and Security Policy: Year 1', David Hannay, Issue 3, pp. 275–280
'Editorial Comment: The Case for a Diplomatic Academy of the European Union', Jörg Monar, Issue 3, pp. 281–286
'GM Food: The Next Major Transatlantic Trade War?', Horst G. Krenzler, Anne MacGregor, Issue 3, pp. 287–316
'After the Failure of Seattle: New Challenges to the EU', Pitou van Dijck, Gerrit Faber, Issue 3, pp. 317–335
'The EC's Autonomous Trade Policy Towards Taiwan', Der-Chin Horng, Issue 3, pp. 337–358
'The EU and Its 'Northern Dimension': An Actor in Search of a Policy, or a Policy in Search of an Actor?', Hanna Ojanen, Issue 3, pp. 359–376
'Britain, NATO and CESDP: Fixed Strategy, Changing Tactics', Jolyon Howorth, Issue 3, pp. 377–396
'Convergence Criteria: Measuring Input or Output?', Rob de Wijk, Issue 3, pp. 397–417
'Melanie Morisse-Schilbach, L'Europe et la question algérienne – vers une européanisation de la politique algérienne de la France?', Claire Spencer, Issue 3, pp. 419–422
'Jordi Bacaria and Alfred Tovias (eds), Librecambio euromediterraneo – Impacto del area de libre comercio en el horizonte 2010', Elena Maria Peresso, Issue 3, pp. 422–425
'Dimitris N. Chryssochoou, Michael J. Tsinisizelis, Stelios Stavridis and Kostas Ifantis, Theory and Reform in the European Union', Vladimir Bilcik, Issue 3, pp. 425–427
'Alan Mayhew, Recreating Europe. The European Union's Policy towards Central and Eastern Europe', Jana Reschová, Issue 3, pp. 427–429
'Carolyn Rhodes (ed.), The European Union in the World Community', Michael Haynes, Issue 3, pp. 429–431
'Simon Duke, The Elusive Quest for European Security: From EDC to CFSP', Knud Erik Jørgensen, Issue 3, pp. 431–433
'Karen Henderson (ed.), Back to Europe: Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union', Robert Bideleux, Issue 3, pp. 433–435
'Damien Geradin, Trade and Environment: A Comparative Study of EC and US Law', Panos Koutrakos, Issue 3, pp. 435–436
'Jan Zielonka, Explaining Euro-Paralysis. Why Europe is Unable to Act in International Politics', Uwe Schmalz, Issue 3, pp. 436–438

'The Enlargement of the European Union', Günter Verheugen, Issue 4, pp. 439–444
'Renewing the US–EU Trade Relationship', Charles E. Grasseley, Issue 4, pp. 445–451
'The Future of the World Trade System', Pascal Lamy, Issue 4, pp. 453–459
'From Lomé to Cotonou: The ACP–EC Partnership Agreement in a Legal Pespective', Bernd Martenczuk, Issue 4, pp. 461–487
'Russian Perspectives on European Security', Margot Light, John Löwenhardt, Stephen White, Issue 4, pp. 489–505
'Revisiting the International Legal Status of the EU', Ramses A. Wessel, Issue 4, pp. 507–537
'Coping – or not Coping – with Change: Norway in European Security', Helen E. Sjursen, Issue 4, pp. 539–559
'Perspectives for a New Regionalism: Relations between the EU and the MERCOSUR', Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet, Issue 4, pp. 561–579
'Antonio Missiroli, CFSP, Defence and Flexibility', Simon Nuttal, Issue 4, pp. 581–593
'Mathias Jopp and Riku Warjovaara (eds.), Approaching the Northern Dimension of the CFSP: Challenges and Opportunities for the EU in the Emerging European Security Order, Programme on the Northern Dimension of the CFSP, vol. 1', Jouko Huru, Issue 4, pp. 593–596
'John Redmond and Glenda G. Rosenthal, The Expanding European Union: Past, Present, Future', Robert Jones, Issue 4, pp. 597–599
'Julie Gilson, Japan and the European Union: A Partnership for the Twenty-First Century?', Kazuyuki Ohdaira, Issue 4, pp. 599–601
'Jackie Gower and John Redmond (eds.), Enlarging the European Union', Ben Soetendorp, Issue 4, pp. 601–603
'John A. Usher, The State of the European Union', Mary Farrell, Issue 4, pp. 603–605
'Donatella M. Viola, European Foreign Policy and the European Parliament in the 1990s: An Investigation into the Role and Voting Behaviour of the European Parliament's Political Groups', Christopher Piening, Issue 4, pp. 606–607
'James Sperling (eds.), Two Tiers or Two Speeds? The European Security Order and the Enlargement of the European union and NATO', Wyne Rees, Issue 4, pp. 608–609
'Mathias Jopp and Sven Arnswald (eds.), The European Union and the Baltic States. Visions, Interests and Strategies for the Baltic Sea Region', Clive Archer, Issue 4, pp. 609–611
'Jason G. Hartell and Johan F. M. Swinnen (eds.), Agriculture and East-West European Integraton', Kenneth J. Thomson, Issue 4, pp. 611–613
'Charlotte Bretherton and John Vogler, The EU as a Global actor', Brian White, Issue 4, pp. 613–615
'Sandra Lavenex, Safe Third Countries: Extending the EU Asylum Policies and Immigration to Central and Eastern Europe', Barbara Bogusz, Issue 4, pp. 615–616

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