European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 6 (2001)

'ASEM — The Third Summit in Seoul 2000: A Roadmap to Consolidate the Partnership between Asia and Europe', Michael Reiterer, Issue 1, pp. 1–30
'The EU and Common Strategies: The Revealing Case of the Mediterranean', Claire Spencer, Issue 1, pp. 31–51
'The EU's Impossibly Busy Foreign Ministers: 'No One is in Control'', Ricardo Gomez, John Peterson, Issue 1, pp. 53–74
'Directorates in the CFSP/CESDP of the European Union: A Plea for 'Restricted Crisis Management Groups'', Stephan Keukeleire, Issue 1, pp. 75–101
'Trade, Treaties and Treason: Some Underlying Aspects of the Difficult Relationship between the EU and the WTO', Gerhard Pischel, Issue 1, pp. 103–133
'Documents Section', Issue 1, pp. 135–139
'Hanna Ojanen, Gunilla Herolf & Rutger Lindahl, Non-Alignment and European Security Policy: Ambiguity at Work', Lee Miles, Issue 1, pp. 141–142
'Globalisation vs. Sovereignty? The European Response: The 1997 Rede Lecture and Related Speeches, by Sir Leon Brittan QC', John Pinder, Issue 1, pp. 143–144
'J.H.H. Weiler (ed.), The EU, the WTO and the NAFTA - Towards a Common Law of International Trade', Nanette A. Neuwahl, Issue 1, pp. 144–145
'George Joffé (ed.), Perspectives on Development: The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership', Pierre Gouirand, Issue 1, pp. 145–146

'The Mexico—EU Free Trade Agreement: A Strategic Instrument to Position Mexico as the Transatlantic Hub for Trade and Investment', Jaime Zabludovsky, Issue 2, pp. 147–154
'CESDP: Nice's Overtrumped Success?', Simon Duke, Issue 2, pp. 155–175
'European Security Policy: The Challenge of Coherence', Antonio Missiroli, Issue 2, pp. 177–196
'NATO, EU and Russia: Reforming Europe's Security Institutions', Erik Yesson, Issue 2, pp. 197–221
'To Be or Not to Be?: An Analysis of the Legal and Political Elements of Statehood in the EU's External Identity', Teija Tiilikainen, Issue 2, pp. 223–241
'The Chapter II on Establishment in the Europe Agreements', Wolfgang Weiss, Issue 2, pp. 243–281
'R. Strange, J. Slater and C. Molteni (eds), The European Union and ASEAN: Trade and Investment Issues', Joe McMahon, Issue 2, pp. 283–285
'Eric Philippart and Pascaline Winand (eds) Ever Closer Partnership: Policy-Making in US/EU Relations', Mark A. Pollack, Issue 2, pp. 285–286

'Devotion or Divorce?: The Future of Transatlantic Relations', Chris Patten, Issue 3, pp. 287–290
'Progress or Stagnation?: The Common Commercial Policy After Nice', Horst Günter Krenzler, Christian Pitschas, Issue 3, pp. 291–313
'The EU's Capacity for Conflict Prevention', Christopher Hill, Issue 3, pp. 315–333
'Switzerland's Relations with the EU after the Adoption of the Seven Bilateral Agreements', René Schwok, Nicolas Levrat, Issue 3, pp. 335–354
'European Union Democracy Promotion Policies: Ten Years On', Richard Youngs, Issue 3, pp. 355–373
'On the External Relations of the EU21: The Case of the Mediterranean Periphery', Alfred Tovias, Issue 3, pp. 375–394
'Christoph Bluth, Germany and the Future of European Security', Adrian Hyde-Price, Issue 3, pp. 395–396
'Laurent Hottiaux et Joanna Liponska-Laberou, La Politique Européenne de Défense', Adrian Treacher, Issue 3, pp. 396–398
'Christopher Brewin, The EU and Cyprus', Denisa Čiderová, Issue 3, pp. 398–399

'Turkey and the New Challenges to European Security', Onur Öymen, Issue 4, pp. 401–405
'Third-Party Inclusion in European Security and Defence Policy: A Case Study of Russia', Mark Webber, Issue 4, pp. 407–426
'Russia's Attitude to the European Security and Defence Policy', Dieter Mahncke, Issue 4, pp. 427–436
'EU-Russia Relations: Is 2001 a Turning Point for Kaliningrad?', James Baxendale, Issue 4, pp. 437–464
'The Changing Nature of Diplomacy: The European Union, the CFSP and Korea', Stephanie Anderson, Issue 4, pp. 465–482
'The European Community and Mixed Agreements', Rafael Leal-Arcas, Issue 4, pp. 483–513
'Tangue de Wilde and Laetitia Spetschinsky (Eds), Les Relations Entre L'Union Européenne et la Fédération de Russie', Iris Kempe, Issue 4, pp. 515–517
'Brian White, Understanding European Foreign Policy', Richard G. Whitman, Issue 4, pp. 517–518
'Ian Manners, Substance and Symbolism: An Anatomy of Cooperation in the New Europe', Alasdair Blair, Issue 4, pp. 519–520
'Index to Volume 6', Issue 4, pp. 521–527

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